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Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting - Wednesday 21st July 1999.

Present:     Chairman:  K Bonnett
Parish Councillors:     E Bullman               N Knights
                        R Daniels               A Meek
                        R Few                   B Parnwell
                        Mrs V Godby             Mrs G Scrine
                        Mrs J Healey            Mrs H Wilson
                        R Hiley

In attendance was the Clerk, Mrs P S Knight.
County Councillor J Reynolds and PC R Newman were present for the first three items.


Apologies were received from Vice-Chairman P Starling.


Signed as a correct record subject to the following amendments.  Para 8.2.  Change "Estelle Morris" to "Estelle Holmes" and Para 10.1.  Change "(for a raised walkway across Wellbrook Way) to "(for raised walkways across several junctions on the pedestrian route to the primary school)"

With the permission of the Council the Chairman diverted from the agenda at this point in order to give P C Newman an opportunity to address the meeting.

P C Newman reported:
* He had attended with A Meek a very encouraging and constructive meeting of the Bus Shelter Project with some of the troublesome youth ringleaders being present.  After some incidents, a number of arrests had recently been made with likely prosecutions in progress.  The Chairman recorded thanks to those witnesses who had given statements to make this possible. 
* It was noted that Travellers are yet again on the private land behind Wellbrook Court, but that the Council is unable to prevent their access to it, since this is the duty of the landowner.

At this point Councillor J Reynolds addressed the meeting.
County Councillor Reynolds reported:
* The Panel Report of the Public Examination into draft Regional Planning Guidance for East Anglia 1995 - 2016, held in Ely in February 1999 had been submitted to the Secretary of State for the Environment, Transport and the Regions and subsequently published.  The report was discussed at length and questions were answered on related matters.
* It was anticipated that any changes made by the Secretary of State for the Environment, Transport and the Regions to the RPG would be published for consultation in autumn 1999 when Parish Councillors would be able to respond.

At this point in the meeting Item 10 was brought forward for discussion with County Councillor J Reynolds and PC R Newman.


A letter and petition from the resident of Oakington Road with the above request had been received by the Chairman and was put to the meeting.  After discussion with CC J Reynolds and PC Newman, the Council voted to support these concerns and to take further action by putting together a strong case for a 30mph speed limit along that stretch of road to the Highways Authority.  The Clerk was asked to put together a draft letter with input from Councillors Few, Hiley and Wilson including some statistics from P C Newman of accidents on record.  J Reynolds pointed out that progress would be difficult and that the statistics would need to demonstrate growth of incidents year by year, as well as an increase in development and pedestrian traffic.

At this point CC J Reynolds and PC Newman left the meeting.


3.1 Clerk's computer, minute 3.2.  It was unanimously agreed that the sum of up to £220 exc. VAT is made available for a new printer.  Mrs Knight thanked the Council and Robin Hiley offered his help in finding a suitable one.
3.2 Vandalism to pavilion, minute 6.  Thanks were given to Noel Knights for his help in securing the pavilion doors.  The pavilion remains in use.
3.3 Cleaning/safety of pavilion, minute 3.  Mr Betson has taken up a new contract to fulfil these duties.  The rate is £115/month and shall cease when the existing pavilion is closed to Users.  No period of notice will apply from either side.
3.4 Glebe School, minute 8.1.  The Chairman reported that he had enjoyed a constructive meeting with the Headteacher and that she was looking to encourage more community use of the school.  A further meeting is to be set up between himself and Mrs Baker.  R Few, H Wilson and R Hiley also to attend. Items to be discussed could include:
* possible joint security/cleaning of the school and new pavilion
* arrangements for providing alternative changing facilities
* new use of space (inside and out) of  school premises.
3.5 Youth Work, minute  8.2.  A Meek said he would ask P Starling to prioritise foot paths requiring clearance as the Youth Club would have some free time in September. 
3.6 Footpaths, minute 8.3. It was noted that the hedges from Weaver's Field up to the bridge were in need of cutting.  Clerk to contact Girton College.  N Knights to find price of small generator. 

E Bullman reported for P Starling in his absence:
* He had been unable to reach branches touching the Peacock's house.  E Bullman will ask P Starling to get a price for them to be cut back.
* P Starling has been unable to find anyone to cut grass or provide grazing cattle for Town End Close.
* E Bullman will ask P Starling to cut Smithy Green hedge


Minutes of the last meeting held on 5th July had been previously circulated. The Clerk reported that she had written to the three recycling companies about the erratic service provided and had had replies from two.  After discussion it was decided to wait and see whether the services improved and if they didn't it could be time to request further banks/containers.
R Daniels reported that the tennis room door had been smashed in, but since repaired.  It was noted that this has been the only obvious vandalism since the arrests of certain village youths.


Minutes of the last meeting held on 28th June had been previously circulated.
N Knights reported that:
i) He and the Chairman had met with the FA on 9th July and they had inspected and photographed the Ten Acre field.  It seems likely that they will donate the £30,000 as discussed.
ii) Three letters for the pavilion building tenders had been sent out again by Neil Cook, and will be reviewed by the Chairman and another Councillor as N Knights declared an interest (being an employee of Coulsons).
iii) Due to technical queries, the application to the Lottery fund will not be ready for their September panel, but it was thought the delay would be insignificant.
iv) Letters relating to the Multi-Games Area had gone to three contractors with the tenders to be returned to the Clerk.


6.1 Youth Work.  A Meek reported that:
i)  The new bus, purchased for the Bus Project would probably not be visiting Girton.  The bus is in great demand around the villages but our problems with crime place us low on the priority list. 
ii)   The teenagers in Girton have indicated they are keen on having their own Social Centre  with facilities like a coffee bar and a skateboard/cycle track. 
iii) Emphasis must be put on the acquisition of a male Youth Leader
iv) New courses at the Language School could include babysitting, child care, first aid, personal safety and the Duke of Edinburgh Awards.

6.2  Town Charity.  R Hiley reported that Pipa Temple had become a Trustee, replacing Candida Purser.


a) The Chairman reported that P Starling would be drafting an article for the Parish News on the state of the cow parsley and the history of Hibbert Ware Garden.
b) The Clerk was able to report that she had passed on a vigorous complaint to the County Council regarding the mowing down of the signs for The Girton Show.


8.1 Mrs Healey passed around copies of letter to Robert Mills, Community Safety Officer of SCDC from Colin Passey of the Home Office regarding the role of parish council in local crime and disorder partnerships.
8.2 It was noted that 25th August 1999 was 'Integration Day' with Emmanuel Road being shut and Babraham's 'Park and Ride' opening.  Responses to this issue should be discussed at the next meeting.
8.3 It was decided that the Clerk should write to David Hussell, Planning Director, to show the Council's support for his summary of the RPG and to thank him for the considerable information relayed.


It was proposed by E Bullman, seconded by A Meek and agreed unanimously that a rebate of £10 should be paid in late October to holders of current concessionary bus passes.  Clerk to make necessary arrangements and to put advertisement of rebate in the GPN.  E Bullman offered to help out one afternoon. 


The Chairman reported that Tilbrooks had completed the main works of the field and that the last invoice of £2,251.08 should be paid.  Robin Carter of Groomfields visited the site to confirm the quality of preparation, and as a result of subsequent discussions with         K Bonnett sent in a quotation of £42.50 (excl. VAT) for a single cut of grass, with a recommended number of cuts at 18 per season.  This is within the set budget and is acceptable.  Clerk to write to Groomfields accepting quote and to write to Tilbrooks with the last cheque and to make a decision on final herbicide application at a later stage.
Mrs Scrine reported that she had only received one reply from the three companies approached regarding the cost of planting.  The estimate was about £500.  The plan for planting required careful discussion and had yet to be finalised.  N Knights and Mrs Scrine to plan and make further drawings.


A letter was received by the Clerk from SCDC on the development of Local Agenda 21  Strategy.  H Wilson agreed to take this project on and to liase with the Clerk.  She will report back at the next meeting.


1.  In addition to earlier discussions, the Chairman reported that currently, the proposed rail links with the development at Alconbury could not be constructed, causing the Public Inquiry to be postponed until January 2000.
2.  K Bonnett circulated a copy of SCDC Capacity Study for Girton for discussion at the next meeting.
3. A copy of the Grand Arcade Development of Central Cambridge, by Cambridge City
Council was circulated.  It was unanimously agreed that this development was welcome.  Any further comments would be recorded at the next meeting.


14.1 Applications

S/1030/99/F     Dunkley, Grange House.  Retrospective application for extension.  Objections; over-development of site; extension being built nearly 25% larger in area than that approved, and nearly one sixth longer; closer to boundary than that approved and overlooking window area may be larger. 
S/1043/99/RM    Girton Road Investment Partnership, Wellbrook Way, Girton.  Vehicular     Access.  No objections but concerns about impact on the interests of Girton Town Charity.
S/0933/99/F     Ashraf, 48 Thornton Road, Girton.  Carport.  No objections subject to no neighbour detriment.
S/0257/99       Thomas, 144 Thornton Road, Girton.  Addition of 3 roof lights to extension.  No obj SNND.
S/1123/99/F     Crowden, 48 Thornton Close, Girton.  Addition of pitched roof to front flat roof extension.  No obj SNND.
S/1076/99/F     Noel-Johnson, 12 Thornton Road, Girton.  Lean-to extension.  No obj SNND.
S/1116/99/F          Davies, 9 Redgate Road, Girton.  Extension.  No obj SNND

Prior approval of Telecommunications Development
B/1/58/2/30     Mercury Personal Communications Ltd.  Comments on siting and appearance of antennae and equipment housing.  No objections.

14.2 Permissions

S/0865/99/F     Dunkley, 1 Lawrence Close, Girton.  Extension.
S/0795/99/F     Baptist Union of GB, Girton Baptist Church, High Street, Girton.  Extension to Church to form new front entrance and erection of boundary wall.
S/0786/99/F     Taylor, 97 Thornton Road, Girton.  Extension.
S/0797/99/F     Bradley, 48 Cambridge Road, Girton.  Change of use of store to form addition to Nursery School.
S/0752/99/F     Winterton, 88 Thornton Road, Girton.  Conservatory.
S/1740/97/F     Homily Investments, r/o 133 Thornton Road, Girton.  Bungalow (amendments).
S/0257/99/DC  Green, 144 Thornton Road, Girton.  Extension ( amendments).
S/0783/99/F     Robson, St Johns Farmhouse, 80 High Street, Girton.  Replacement double garage and improvements to access to include re-sited brick pier. 


15.1    H Burfitt                       Hedges, Duck End.
15.2    SCDC                            Aims for the Future
15.3    Fenland Leisure Products        Catalogue of outdoor timber furniture
15.3    Cambs. Constabulary             Marshall Safer Village Award
15.4    Groomfields                     New contract to cut Ten Acre Field
15.5    Tilbrooks                       End of contract to maintain Ten Acre Field


708     P A  Shuler                     £   42.82
709     Turfcare                           202.00
711     Tillbrooks'                       2251.08
712     Kevin Bonnett                       28.80
713     Inland Revenue                     278.37
714 VOID
715 P S Knight                             188.59


17.1   PTA Firework Display.  In response to a letter from Heather Thorne, Chairman of  the PTA requesting use of the pavilion and recreation field on Nov 6th, it was proposed by the Chairman and seconded by Mrs V Godby that these requests be granted.  Also requested was a grant of £100 be made available.   Agreed by ten votes in favour, no votes against, and two abstentions.  The Clerk to reply to Mrs Thorne's letter.
17.2 Village Facilities.  It was noted that there were no public conveniences in the village apart from those in the Church.
17.2  Drays parking on pavement.  A complaint had been received from a resident of High Street about heavy lorries delivering to the Pubs, parking on the pavement.  Clerk to make further enquiries.
17.3    Next Meeting.  The Council is in recess in August so the next meeting will be on Wednesday 15th September 1999. 

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