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Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting - September 1999.


Minutes of a meeting held on Wednesday 15th September 1999

Present:        Chairman:               K Bonnett

                Parish Councillors:     E Bullman               N Knights
                                        R Daniels               A Meek
                                        R Few                   B Parnwell
                                        Mrs V Godby             Mrs G Scrine
                                        Mrs J Healey            Mrs H Wilson
                                        R Hiley                 Mr P Starling

In attendance was the Clerk, Mrs P S Knight.


There were no apologies received.


Signed as a correct record subject to the following amendments.  Para 4.  Change "tennis court gates" to "tennis room door" and Para 7a) change "P Starling has drafted an article" to "P Starling would be drafting an article".


3.1  Reduction of speed limit on Oakington Road, minute 10.  The Clerk reported that she had contacted Sergeant Davidson from Bottisham Traffic Section on this issue. Police Sergeant Chatfield, Traffic Enforcement and Policy Manager wrote to say that they would carry out an initial traffic speed survey for a period of seven days to assess the problem.  Inspector Keith Hood, (local Sector Commander tasked with the responsibility for policing the area) would then forward the survey results and any other relevant statistical data on to the Clerk.  The Clerk was asked to enclose a reminder of the village 30mph speed limit with her report on the above, in the Girton Parish News.
3.2  Recycling, minute 4.  Another paper bank is in situ and a brown bottle bank to arrive soon.  Clerk to try to get can bank moved to behind the tree so the new bottle bank can go on a harder surface.
3.3 Bus Pass Rebate, minute 9.  Dates set for this are Thursday 21st October between 11 and 12am at St Vincents Close Community Room, and Friday 22nd October between 11 and 12am at Orchard Close Community Room.  P Starling offered to help out on the Thursday and E Bullman on the Friday.  Clerk to book the rooms and organise the money.  PC Newman to be informed too.
3.4 Sustainable South Cambridgeshire, minute 11.  Councillor Wilson reported on the Local Agenda 21 Strategy, which is about achieving sustainable lifestyles in the 21st Century, and recommended that the Parish Council support it.  SCDC have organised a workshop that they will run in the School Hall on Monday November 8th 1999.  This will be advertised in the Girton Parish News.  Possible groups to attend could include Parish Councillors, School Governors, PTA members, Town End Close Committee members, and the Future of Girton Group.


Copies of the inspection of the play equipment carried out by Wicksteed Leisure Ltd were circulated to the meeting. Great concern was expressed by R Daniels that the slide that was made and supplied by Wicksteed Leisure just a year ago now fails the BS EN 1176 safety test on its handrail gaps.  Clerk to check correspondence regarding purchase of the slide and report to the Recreation Ground Committee.  It was noted that the Logworld Fort was viewed as being beyond economic repair and should be replaced in the near future. The report will be discussed further at the next RGC meeting on Tuesday 28th of September. Thanks were given again to the Councillors who regularly check and repair the play equipment.
Repairs had been requested to the showers in the away changing rooms but the expense (£235 per shower) was considered too prohibitive.  The remaining functioning showers will have to be shared.


N Knights reported on the meeting held on Monday 13th September.  The letter containing the finalised request to Sport England Lottery will go off this weekend and it is hoped to commence the project early next year.  Three tenders for the MUGA had been received and were within the expected budget. 
The Chairman reported that the three tenders received for the pavilion needed discussing with the architects before finally deciding upon one.  Most of the funding is in place with £7,000 required to be raised locally.  The FA have guaranteed £30,000 with £48,000 hoped from the Girton Town Charity.


6.1 Safer Girton.  The Chairman recorded thanks to Ann Round for putting together a wonderful Girton Presentation for the Marshall Safer Village Award 1999.  It was hoped that if won, the £500 prize money would subsidise the babysitting course currently running in the village.

6.2  Youth Work.  A Meek reported that:
i) There was to be no Tuesday Senior Youth Club as there was nowhere to meet.  The results of a recent survey showed the need for a meeting place dedicated to Youth work and provisions for a skateboard/cycle track.  Youth workers were still endeavouring to organise outings, but no one turned up to the last one. 
ii) The Bus Shelter Project volunteers are hopefully going to become more involved in Junior Youth Group work and the George Kent gardening scheme. 
iii) The first aid course that was to fund the babysitting course was so badly attended that it had been cancelled. Hence the babysitting course was running at a £200 loss.  A Meek proposed and was seconded by Helen Wilson that should Girton not win the Marshall Award, the Parish Council should pay the £200 for the babysitting course.  There were twelve counts for, none against and one abstention for this proposal.

6.3  Girton Community Web Site.  Mrs Wilson reported that Mr Wilson had set up a Web Site for the village, which was supported by the Girton Parish News and the Girton Parochial Church Council.  It was discussed and agreed with no dissension that the Parish Council supported the Web Site policy to use the Internet as a means of informing and building up the community of Girton.  The Clerk agreed that she would be happy to send in the monthly minutes of the Parish Council meetings.

6.3 Community Association.  Mrs Wilson expressed a belief that this group should be revived, as it was a useful vehicle for pulling together interest groups in the village.  It was decided to reconsider this at a later date.

6.4  Woodland Trust.  Mrs Scrine reported that over £10,000 had been pledged towards the Millennium Wood by the people of Girton.  There were still 'legal' delays but the Clerk was doing her best to hurry things along.  Mrs Godby reported that some villagers were upset that housing areas of greatest contributions had been listed.  It was noted that it was numbers of contributing houses in any area that was listed, not actual amounts pledged.


Minutes of the meeting held on 31st August 1999 were circulated. 
P Starling reported that:
a) They had been unable to find anyone willing to graze cattle on Town End Close.
b) Parish planting for 1999/2000 would include trees planted along Hicks Lane, inside the allotment boundary, and daffodils along the verges of village road.
c) Photographs taken by P Starling of the footpaths would be sent to John Cooper and he will ensure missing signs would be erected.
Mrs Wilson reported that the footpath between St. Margaret's Road and Thornton Road was over grown.  P Starling said he would cut it back.


Councillor Healey reported on a recent Planning Policy meeting and circulated two articles.  The first was on the issue of land use planning, electromagnetic fields and the possibility of adverse health effects, and the second was a report on the theoretical capacity of Girton to sustain another 136 new houses.  It was noted with great pleasure and with thanks being recorded to Councillor Healey that Girton will be downgraded to a Limited Rural Growth Settlement once the Wellbrook Court land has been developed.
Councillor Bullman had nothing to report.


The Chairman reported that he had received the draft document of a planning obligation agreement (Section 106 Agreement) regarding possible development behind Wellbrook Way.  The provisional draft contains Public Open Space Provision including Play Areas, Education Contribution of £168K, 30% Affordable Housing and Community Hall Site and Contribution of £100K.  It was decided that the Parish Council needs to make a response to this legal document after it has been circulated to all Councillors.  A working party of Councillors Bonnett, Hiley and Wilson volunteered to draft a reply once all comments were received back. 


A Meek reported that he had received a quote from Hibbitts of £5,324 (exc. vat) to repair the war memorial.  This quote includes dismantling the memorial, removing the 3 blocks with lettering on that require repairing, making new stone blocks in the same material, cutting the lettering and putting in the black filling.  R Hiley proposed that the Parish Council should meet the cost in full and P Starling seconded this.  A Meek proposed an amendment to this with a direct approach to the church requesting a donation of £1,000 and invitations to families and organisations within the village who might like to make a donation.  The Parish Council could make up the rest. G Scrine seconded this amendment.  A vote was taken to support the resolution as amended and was passed eleven votes for, and two against.  Clerk to put a letter to the Secretary of the Parochial Church Council regarding this before their meeting of next Tuesday.


11.1 Applications

S/1448/99/F     Calcott, 18 Bandon Road.  Chalet Bungalow.  Objection; over-development of site.
S/1467/99/F     Dean and Dean, adjacent to 11 Duck End.  Garage.  Objection; inadequate space for manoeuvre.
S/1580/97/F     Green,  adjacent to "Jesters", 11 Duck End.  Amendment to house dimensions.  No recommendation.  Parish Council still objects to house being there.
S/1430/99/F     Watts, 76 Thornton Close, Girton.  Extension.  No objections, subject to no neighbour detriment.
S/1479/99/F     Leakey, 17/19 Cambridge Road.  Vehicular Access.  No objections, SNND.
S/1469/99F      Barnes and Pycock, 49 Cambridge Road.  Extension.  No objections, SNND.
S/1382/99       Oumamar, 43 Hicks Lane.  Extensions and front fence.  No objections, SNND.
S/1186/99/F     Law, 41 Thornton Close.  Porch.  No objections, SNND.
S/1391/99/F     Hiley, 1 The Fairway.  Extension.  No objections, SNND.
S/1199/99/F     Duerden, 64 Church Lane.  Extension. No objections, SNND.
S/1272/99/F     CCC, Littleton House School, Girton.  Extension to provide classroom to replace mobile classroom.  No objections, SNND.

11.2 Permissions

S/1199/99/F     Duerden, 64 Church Lane.  Extension. 
S/1186/99/F     Law, 41 Thornton Close.  Porch.
S/1123/99/F     Crowden, 48 Thornton Close.  Addition of pitched roof to front flat roof extension.
S/1116/99/F     Davies, 9 Redgate Road.  Extension.
S/1030/99/F     Dunkley, Grange House, Huntingdon Road.  Extension (Retrospective Application.
S/0933/99/F     Ashraf, 48 Thornton Way. Car Port.
S/1076/99/F     Noel-Johnson, 12 Thornton Road.  Lean-to Extension.

The Red House, 90 High Street, Girton   It was noted that no fresh planning application was necessary for the new owners of The Red House to run a "computer network and security consultancy" from the Old Mill House, previously used as a solicitors office. 
Chestnut Farm, 89 Cambridge Road, Girton   Proposed Development : Erection of dwelling following partial demolition of existing dwelling.  It was noted that an appeal had been made to the Secretary of State, which would be decided by way of public inquiry.
Councillor Healey said she would investigate the removal of the caravan and the metal-clad storage building at the front of the site of the newly built bungalow beside the Recreation Ground Car Park.


12.1    Joe Beddows             Skateboard ramp.  Clerk to follow up.
12.2    Douglas de Lacey        Year 2000.'Think and Survive'.  Clerk to follow up.
                                Councillors to attend Neighbourhood Watch meeting.
12.3    Pippa Temple            Girton Show, broken poster boards.
12.4    Stephen Tyrell  Autumn maintenance of cricket square - approved. 

(Paid during August)
717     P S Knight                  272.40
718     Inland Revenue              137.70
719     George Kent                  62.48
720     Eastern Energy         £     93.22
(Paid during September)
(721)   N Knights              £     14.57
(722)   Print-Out                     6.05
(723)   Carter Jonas                409.14
(724)   Mrs P S Knight              264.84
(725)   Turfcare                    160.00
(726)   Girton Glebe PTA            100.00
(727)   Berrycroft                   65.15 
(728)   Wicksteed Leisure            29.38
(729)   G Betson                    115.00
(730)   CHS Architects            1,762.50
(731)   Cottenham Garden Service  1,149.15
(732)   Flowsave Rentals             63.71
(733)   Paul Clare                   14.43
(734)   M J Welham                   52.87
(735)   Mrs P S Knight              295.67
(736)   Inland Revenue               81.37


14.1 Mrs Scrine reported that a member of a family from Weaver's Field had written insolent personal graffiti in the bus shelter about person.  Mr Betson agreed to see if he could clean it off.
14.2 Mrs Wilson wondered whether the Parish Council Notice Boards could be revamped.  Clerk to contact Mr Welham, Carpenter.
14.3 Mrs Godby reported large amounts of rubbish dumped at Washpit Lane by an Impington resident.
14.4 Mrs Neville at No. 73 still has problems with lorries parking on the pavement right outside her front door.  Clerk to contact Highways to see if any bollards can be erected.
14.5 Clerk to contact Highways to see whether 30mph lettering can be placed on the roads in the village.

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