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Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting - October 1999.

Minutes of a meeting held on Wednesday 20th October 1999

Present:        Chairman:               K Bonnett
Parish Councillors:                     E Bullman               N Knights
                                        R Daniels               A Meek
                                        R Few                   B Parnwell
                                        Mrs V Godby             Mrs J Healey 
                                        Mrs H Wilson            Mr P Starling

In attendance was the Clerk, Mrs P S Knight.

Before the meeting began the Chairman welcomed Tony Leadley, Y2K Officer from South Cambridgeshire District Council who gave a brief talk on 'The Millennium and South Cambs.'  Mr Leadley was able to reassure Councillors that essential services were unlikely to be disrupted by the consequences of the millennium date change, and that residents need do no more than prepare for the holiday period as usual.  However, the police need to detail all millennium activities taking place, for the emergency services.

 Apologies were received from Mrs G Scrine, R Hiley and PC R Newman.

Signed as a correct record subject to the following amendments.  Add P Starling to list of Parish Councillors attending the meeting, and paragraph 8; change "Girton has been downgraded to a Limited Rural Growth Settlement" to "Girton will be downgraded to a Limited Rural Grown Settlement once the Wellbrook Court land has been developed." 

3.1 Bus Pass Rebate, minute 3.3.  To happen this week.
3.2 Sustainable South Cambridgeshire, minute 3.4.  Reminder of workshop on Monday 8th November in the School Hall at 7.30 p.m.
3.3 Safer Girton, minute 6.1.  Thanks were recorded to Ann Round and B Parnwell for their efforts in securing Girton's success in this competition.  The babysitting course, which is going well, can now be funded.  Clerk to thank the Marshalls Group on behalf of the village.
3.4 Girton Community Web Site, minute 6.3.  There has been media publicity for the web site and Mrs H Wilson reported that it had secured 500 visits since being set up.
3.5 Report from Town Charity, minute 9.  The Section 106 draft agreement is still being circulated and comments will be gathered by the Clerk and put to the working party.
3.6 War Memorial, minute 10.  E Bullman questioned whether the memorial could be simply cleaned up and repainted.  A Meek replied that Hibbitts had examined the stones and had stated that repeated cleaning over the years had caused the surface to wear down, so the lettering, once deeply set, was now in shallower cuts and rubbing off.  It was agreed that all Councillors should inspect the memorial for themselves before the next meeting, whilst waiting for a reply about funding from the PCC.
3.7 Year 2000, minute 12.2. Mrs Godby and B Parnwell had attended the Neighbourhood Watch meeting.  Although no specific scheme would be put in place to check on the welfare of neighbours, villagers should be ready to help anyone vulnerable to the YK2 effects. Mrs Wilson reported that an item would go into the November Girton Parish News, reiterating Mr Leadley's report. Clerk to reply to Dr de Lacey's letter.

N Knights reported that he and the Clerk had met with Mick Cook, Area Sales Manager from Wicksteed to inspect the Logworld play equipment.  The main concern was to ensure that the wood was not rotting from the inside.   Following the meeting, the Council had been supplied with quotations from Wicksteed for replacement and for upgrading the structure.
These having been supplied, the Council agreed that large expenditure was unnecessary for safety at this stage.  The best way of improving railing on Logworld would be decided, and the wooden elements regularly inspected.
It was unanimously agreed that the Council was satisfying its duty of care and would continue to monitor the safety of all play equipment in its care.  The slide was considered by Wicksteed to be a low risk, despite its technical failure under the new European Regulations.

The Chairman reported that Carter Jonas had replied to the Clerk's letter regarding using St John's field as a site for the skateboard/BMX facility.  A sketch plan of the facility is required before Carter Jonas approach the Bursar, but in principle it was likely that the College would not object to the suggestion.  N Knights will approach the contractors for the likely amount of spoil available.  A Meek to ask the Youth Club for input.

The Chairman reported that he had yet to hear from the Lottery Board.  No Councillors had objected to the decision of choosing the lowest tender which was from Thackeray's, who were formally ratified as the choice of tender, subject to satisfactory contract arrangements being secured.   N Knights recorded that they were a highly reputable firm.

6.1 Youth Work.  A Meek reported that:
i) The Junior Youth Club was fully staffed.
ii) A more structured intermediate club for the 13-16 year olds was due to be set up, but still needed a leader.  It was hoped the club would follow the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme.
iii) The Senior Youth Club (over 16's) still has nowhere to meet, but is to be given an opportunity to meet at the Social Club for a trial run.  Parish Councillors who are also trustees of the Social Club indicated their support and said they would be pleased to attend too.
iv) The Bus Shelter Project still continues with courses and gardening projects.  Some youths have acquired permanent jobs.
v) The new name "Girton Youth Works" now covers all youth clubs.
Thanks were recorded to A Meek for his unstinting support of the youth work.  SCDC have invited a Parish Council representative to participate in an 'anti-social behaviour task group'.  A Meek said he would attend.
6.2 School Liaison - The Chairman reported that he had had a meeting with Mrs Baker, Mrs A Bonnett and Councillor R Hiley.  Two ideas came out of the meeting, which he wanted to put to the Council. 
a) In the New Year there could be a 'community intelligence gathering exercise', held under the auspices of the Parish Council.  Village groups that use meeting places such as the Glebe, the WI and Cotton Hall could meet to discuss where they see their organisations and facilities going in the future.  The Council unanimously supported this initiative.
b) Mrs Baker would like to conduct a safety review of the school and its future growth alongside the development of the new pavilion. This initiative could possibly cost about £2,500.  The Chairman proposed that if the school could provide £1,000 towards the cost of the study, that in principle the Parish Council should match that sum.  This was seconded by A Meek. R Daniels then proposed that the Council's commitment to funding should not be a fixed sum at this stage. This amendment was seconded by N Knights and unanimously agreed.  The amended proposal to support the review in principle was unanimously agreed upon.  R Few to notify the Governors about the Sustainable South Cambridgeshire Workshop.
Safer Walking Routes to School.  The Chairman proposed that the Council put in another bid to Highways for raised walkways across junctions on the pedestrian route to the primary school.  This was unanimously agreed upon.  The deadline is November 1st 1999.

With the permission of the Council the Chairman diverted from the agenda at this point in order to give Councillor J Reynolds an opportunity to address the meeting.

The Chairman reported that he had been approached regarding development on NIAB land.  Councillor Reynolds explained that the County Council and SCDC were in the process of joint discussion concerning 'areas of search' for development potential in the Green Belt.  However, this did not imply any commitment to develop any particular site.
Councillor Reynolds then briefly outlined the financial issues facing the Police Authority and that funding constraints had already frozen the recruitment of staff and many police officer and civilian posts will remain unfulfilled.  The Parish Council is invited to respond to the budget-briefing leaflet being sent out to all Councils.
Councillor Reynolds was thanked for his report.

E Bullman reported that he had met with the prospective buyer of No 105 Cambridge Road, and also J Hellingsworth from SCDC regarding the overgrown beech trees/hedge bordering that property and the Mayfield triangle.  After discussion the Council raised no objections to the trees being 'lopped'. All correspondence and forms should go to P Starling in the first instance. 
Councillor Bullman had nothing to report from the Environment and Housing Committees.
Councillor Healey reported that she and Councillor Bullman would be attending the public meeting on 2nd November concerning development at Oakington camp of temporary accommodation for asylum seekers. 

P Starling reported that;
* He had purchased 1,400 daffodil bulbs to plant on the verges and after consultation with the tree wardens would be looking for a working party to help plant them.
* Along with John Cooper he was hoping to create a continuous footpath through Girton for walkers.
* He was going to enquire why the barriers on paths between Thornton Road/St Margaret's Road, and Bandon Road/Huntingdon Road had been widened.  Residents were concerned that this now meant motorbikes could use the footpaths.
Thanks were given to P Starling for his continuous hard work.  E Bullman and P Starling to trim off a few lower branches from tree by the school to enable can bank to be moved to make space for the third bottle bank.

This item was covered under item three.  Clerk to hold on to plaque until a decision has been made on where to hang it.  Congratulations were again given to Ann Round.

The Council had received a petition with 49 names on requesting that the seats be reinstated in the bus shelter by the Mayfield triangle.  After discussion, R Daniels proposed, and was seconded by Mrs Healey, that in principle this request be granted.  This move was agreed unanimously.  Clerk to follow up with Mrs G Scrine.

Planting plans and discussions continue between Mrs Scrine, SCDC and Cambridge County Council.  The question of registering the field as a village green had been brought up by Mrs Scrine and would be discussed at the next meeting when she was present.

Clerk to circulate copies of the summary of the Provisional Local Transport Plan 2000-2005 for Cambridgeshire to all Councillors ready for discussion next meeting.

13.1 Applications
S/1642/99/F     Malik, 3 Giffords Close.  Extension.  No objections, subject to no neighbour detriment.

13.2 Permissions
S/1382/99/F     Oumamar, 43 Hicks Lane.  Extension and Front Gates and Gate Posts.
S/1448/99/F     Calcott, 18 Bandon Road.  Chalet Bungalow.
S/1430/99/F     Watts, 76 Thornton Close.  Extension.
S/1469/99F      Barnes and Pycock, 49 Cambridge Road.  Extension.
S/1479/99/F     Leakey & Leakey, 17/19 Cambridge Road.  Vehicular Access.
S/1391/99/F     Hiley, 1 Fairway.  Extension.

13.3 Refusals
S/1467/99/F     Dean and Dean, Adjacent 11 Duck End.  Garage.

Councillor Healey advised that when the Parish Council raised objections due to 'over-development', specific reasons should be given to substantiate their concerns.

14.1    South Cambs PCG                 Joint forums
14.2    Cambridge City PCG              Briefing note on meeting 22/9/99
14.3    Cleanaway                       Brochure safety areas
14.4    NALC                            DIS  Issue
14.5    Herald Contract Services        Brochure on services
14.6    SCDC Jane Thompson              Playing Fields Advice Initiative
14.7    Cambridge County Council        30mph Roundels
14.8    Musco Lighting                  Brochure Flood Lights
14.9    Environment Agency              Floodline
14.10   Mr R Walker                     PlanetAid, Recycling next to Co-op

15      PAYMENTS
739     Mrs Ann Round                   £    18.83
740     Berrycroft Stores Ltd           £    40.51
741     Viking Direct Limited           £    27.71
742     Mrs G Scrine                    £     5.00
743     Mrs P Knight                    £   293.56
745     Inland Revenue                  £    81.37
746     Kevin Bonnett                   £    24.30

16.1 A decision was taken to exhibit the Safer Village Award display in the School during the Christmas Bazaar on 4th December.
16.2    The Clerk reported that a youth had been cautioned following the break in to the pavilion and the Language School.  The same youth has been assigned a Youth Panel Group Worker to spend time with him.  A local six-year-old girl has been handed over to Social Services, as her home circumstances rendered her vulnerable.

Clerk to the Council 

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