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Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting - November 1999.

Minutes of a meeting held on Wednesday 17th November 1999

Present:        Chairman:               K Bonnett
                Parish Councillors:     E Bullman               N Knights
                                        P Starling              Mrs V Godby
                                        B Parnwell              A Meek
                                        Mrs H Wilson            R Hiley
                                        Mrs G Scrine

PC R Newman was present for items 4 and 5.

In attendance was the Clerk, Mrs P S Knight.

Apologies were received from Mrs J Healey, R Few and R Daniels.
The Chairman apologised for failing to inform all Parish Councillors directly when the result of the Lottery bid was known.

Signed as a correct record subject to the following amendments. 
Minute 6.1 (ii)  Change "club for the 13-16 year olds had been set up", to "club for the 13-16 year olds was due to be set up".
Minute 7.  Report from County Councillor.  Mrs Healey had reported to the Clerk on this Report.   She emphasised that SCDC is determined that should the study of the Green Belt go ahead, that it would not be a 'site finding' exercise.  Thanks were recorded to Mrs Healey for her support against development the Green Belt areas and it was agreed that vigilance be maintained on this issue. 

3.1 Buss Pass Rebate. The Clerk reported that 213 x  £10 rebates were given out. Before next year's rebate the conditions of rebate need to be tightened up.  For example are holders of the bus pass who no longer live in Girton eligible?
3.2 Safer Girton.  The display will go up in the school on the school's own display boards at the Christmas Bazaar on 4th December.
3.3 War Memorial.  After discussion, A Meek proposed that the Parish Council agree to go ahead with the current proposed works.  This proposal was seconded by Councillor B Parnwell and unanimously agreed.  This decision is to be included in the next Parish News. Clerk to write to Hibbitts recording the Council's intent to proceed with the work and to establish a start date in the spring of next year (c.c. to the PCC).   The PCC to be contacted again regarding their decision on a donation, and to ask whether they have contacted the DAC about a new faculty. 
3.4 Skateboard Facility.   Designs are being collected on type of facility wanted.
3.5 School Liaison.  a) Clerk to set a date in February 2000, and to book the school hall for the meeting of the user groups of the village meeting places.
b) K Bonnett reported that the Glebe Governors were unable to commit more than £500 towards the proposed 'safety review of the school/new pavilion'.  As the Parish Council had previously agreed in principle to consider matching the School's commitment, the Chairman said he or the school should contact Richard Hackett to ascertain what could be achieved with that level of funding.  To be discussed at the next Parish Council Meeting.
3.6 Police Authority 'budget-briefing' leaflet circulated at the meeting.  Comments invited.
3.7 Oakington Camp.  Mrs J Healey had attended the public meeting on 2nd November.  K Bonnett read out the conditions imposed on the asylum seekers, and the document was then circulated.
3.8 Open Spaces.  Mrs Godby reported that Littleton House children had planted bulbs, as had the Brownies.

At this point in the meeting PC R Newman was welcomed into the meeting.

N Knights gave a brief report as R Daniels was absent.  Councillors had received copies of the last RGC meeting minutes.  The Clerk was able to report that the new play equipment at Weaver's Field play area would now consist of one seesaw, two swings and one slide. 
N Knights is investigating ways to make the Logworld railings safer, and the Clerk is liasing with Norman Lewell about the painting and replacement of the swings/horse seats. 

N Knights reported that there were further meetings between himself, K Bonnett, Neil Cook and the Clerk (the management team) regarding the new pavilion.  K Bonnett advised that all concerns regarding the pavilion project should be referred to the Clerk in the first instance.  Possible extra hours to be paid to the Clerk for the duration of the project will be discussed at the next meeting.
N Knights reported that issues currently under discussion include the use of Portakabins as temporary changing facilities, and the erection of the concrete store with supplies of electricity and water.   Concern was shown over possible damage to the car park by large lorries and the parking space to be taken up by contractors' vehicles.  Mrs H Wilson hoped that the movements of large lorries in and out of the compound during the school 'drop off' and 'pick up' times would be minimal.  These legitimate concerns would be addressed through regular meetings between Parish Council Officers and the contractors and architects.

PC Newman was given an opportunity to address the meeting.

PC Newman was pleased to report that the village seemed 'quiet' at the moment with known offenders behaving themselves.  The young people in general are looking forward the prospect of having a BMX/skateboard facility in the village.  One family in St Vincent's however is causing concern.
PC Newman expressed concern regarding the security of Portakabins and will be invited to meet with the contractors to discuss the lighting/security of the building compound.
Speeding through the village still remains a problem, although the Clerk reported that the recent speed survey conducted on the Oakington Road revealed a total of only 17 offenders travelling over the 60mph speed limit.   Police Sergeant Chatfield wrote that he could not find any records of speed related collisions at the location.  The Clerk is still awaiting a reply from CCC regarding the proposed speed limit reduction.  Wilburton and Comberton Parishes have successfully reduced speed limits and the Clerk will contact them to discuss strategy.

The Chairman read out a complaint regarding occasional fast cars along Washpit Lane.  After discussion a decision was taken to see if the 'no speed limit' signs could be removed and 'elderly people' sign to be erected instead.

Mrs Wilson reported on an incident of careless driving that had occurred in the Recreation Car Park that afternoon.  PC Newman reported that he had been officially notified of the incident and was following it up.

6.1 Girton Town Charity.  R Hiley reported that work carried on behind the scenes and that he hoped the Wellbrook Land would be going up for sale soon.

The Chairman reported that the County Council was selling the 2.18 acres of land next to the Ten-Acre Field. This could possibly jeopardise access to the Ten-Acre Field and the Millennium Wood as the roadway in front of the derelict bungalow is to be sold too.  The Parish Council agreed that it was vital that the right of way to The Woodland Trust be established before the sale of land is concluded. R Hiley then proposed that the Parish Council should investigate the possibility of buying the land (known as 'land accessed from Cambridge Road, Girton'). The Chairman is to approach the vendors of the land and the estate agents.   If a loan to the Council can be secured, an emergency meeting should be held to discuss the next steps.
6.2 Youth Work.  A Meek reported that two new youth leaders (one male and one female) had been taken on.  The intermediate youth group was hoping to meet in Cotton Hall on Thursday evenings, whilst the senior group continued to meet on Tuesday evenings at the Social Club.  No problems had been reported.
A Meek then reported on the Anti-Social Behaviour Task Group that he had attended.  Clerk to circulate the action plan to all Parish Councillors.  K Bonnett requested that youth representatives attend the February 'village hall' user-groups meeting at the school.
6.3  Police Liaison.  B Parnwell reported that he had attended the recent Police Consultation meeting.  Concern had been shown that there was to be no extra policing in Histon, Longstanton and Oakington and that policing levels in general were going to fall. 

P Starling reported that all the daffodil bulbs had been planted.  He had not yet been successful in contacting the Highways Officer regarding the widening of the yellow barriers at Thornton Road/St Margaret's Road footpath and also at Bandon Road/Huntingdon Road footpath.

Councillor Bullman had nothing to report that affected Girton.

K Bonnett read out parts of Mrs J Healey's memorandum to the Clerk on the Report on the Multi-Modal Study of the A14.  After discussion it was decided that a representative of the Parish Council should attend the public consultation next year.

After lengthy discussion of the transport plan itself, and Girton's own problem with its failing bus service, a decision was taken to gather statistics from regular users of the local bus service via the GPN and write to Stagecoach (copied to Anne Campbell) with the results. 

The Chairman and Clerk are to put together a response to the Transport Plan.

10.  Ten-Acre Field.  Current Position
Mrs Scrine reported that she had met with a representative from the County Council and that another planting plan had been drawn up.  This included planting right up to the ditch, which formed a good wet nature area.  E Bullman reported that the ditch needed scooping out (by machine) and that he had noticed car tyre marks in the vicinity.  It was noted that a strong gate would need to go up with keys given out to Groomfields for ground maintenance. N Knights sought permission from the Council to spend up to £250 on hiring a mini digger to dig out the ditch between the Recreation Ground and Ten-Acre Field.  This was granted.

11. Girton Youth Works Garden Scheme
A Meek reported that Girton Youth Works had applied to the CCC for a grant from the 'High Sheriff's Millennium Award' to create a Millennium Garden for the Youth of Girton. It was hoped that they would be able to secure about £3-400.  The Council wished Girton Youth Works every success with the venture and the location of the garden should be discussed with the Open Spaces Committee.


12.1 Applications
C/11/17/33/1    Leakey, 15 Cambridge Road.  Works to Holm Oak Tree, subject to Tree Preservation Order No. 1/56. Approve
S/1750/99/F     Lloyd, 29 Northfield.  Extension and Garage.  No objections, subject to no neighbour detriment.  The Parish Council understands that a boundary fence is to be erected.
S/1690/99/F     Roche, 15 Bandon Road.  Extensions.  No objections SNND.

12.2 Permissions
S/1382/99/F             Oumamar, 43 Hicks Lane.  Conservatory.
S/1272/99/F/DC/JJ       CCC, Littleton House School.  Extension to Provide Classroom to replace Mobile Classroom.

12.3 Information Only
i)   Drawing 32654/HM/A6/P1     Thorburn Colquhoun. A6 Barton to Streatley Cycleway Footway.  To be held on file.
ii) The Barn Health & Leisure Centre, Girton.   Plan of premises.  To be held on file.

South Cambridgeshire Local Plan: Deposit 1999
The Chairman reported that he had received a copy of the proposed changes to the above plan and also details of the response by SCDC to the Parish Council's representations.

One query was that SCDC had proposed 'no change' to the objection by the Parish Council that Girton is deemed a 'Rural Growth Settlement.  Advice to be sought from Mrs Healey. Any responses to the proposed changes to the plan must be received by early December.

13.1    CCC                                     Post at 73 High St.
13.2    Flowsave                                Increase in rental of hand dryers
13.3    Cambridge Victim Support                Request for donation
13.4    SCDC                                    The Oldest Tree Search
13.5    ACRE                                    Annual Report '98/99
13.6    SCDC                                    Draft Register of Electors 2000/01
747     Girton Youth Works              £500.00
748     CCC                             £568.65
749     Coulson Building Group          £ 57.23
750     Wicksteed Leisure               £444.94
751     Print-out                       £  7.70
752     C H Binder                      £166.26
753     Inland Revenue                  £ 81.37
755     Mrs P S Knight                  £288.93

15.1    The Clerk is to contact JJ Hall to see if he would quote for constructing two bus shelter seats for the Mayfield Shelter. These would be made out of concrete posts, reusing the wooden slats from the original shelter seats. 

Clerk to the Council 

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