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Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting - December 1999.

The following were amongst items discussed at the 15th December meeting:

War Memorial.   It is hoped the restoration work can begin in the spring of next year.  Please see January's edition of the GPN for details of how you can contribute towards this worthwhile project.

Village Hall Users Meeting. This is to take place on Wednesday 9th February in the School hall at 7.30pm.  Discussions will take place on where users see their organisations and facilities going in the future.  Invitations will be issued in January.  If you would like your group to attend, please contact the Clerk.

Bus Service.  Please continue to report in any problems you have with the local bus service.  We need as much factual material as possible that expresses our dissatisfaction before we will be taken seriously.

Ten-Acre Field. The planting plan has been finalised, and trees and hedges have been ordered from the County Council.  If you would like to help in any way with planting, please contact someone from the Parish Council.

Recreational Ground Development.  At last it looks as though work will begin in early January as hoped and finish by late July.  A fair amount of disruption will occur around the builders' compound and the car park, so co-operation will be vital from both sides. Parents of the school will be receiving a letter shortly with finer details, and also suggestions on how to make this difficult time a safe one for our children. The Council's concern at all time is for the safety of the children and every effort is being made to secure this.  Keep your eyes open for raffle tickets to win the prize for a chance to sit on the JCB when it knocks out the first bricks from the old pavilion! 

Town Charity.  On the strong advice of its professional advisers, and with the approval of the Charity Commission, the Charity has bought 88 Girton Road to ensure road access to the Charity's land off Wellbrook Way.  The purchase was made by a bank loan and the house and land will be held as an investment by the Charity.  The house will be let on a standard tenancy at market rates.

Cyclists.  Please ensure your lights are working and turned on when you're out in the dark on your bike.  It is extremely difficult for cyclists to be seen if they wear dark clothing and have no lights on.

British Legion Poppy Appeal.  Congratulations to Mr Michael Martin for once again organising the annual collection.  This year over £1,400 was collected.  Mr Martin would now like to retire, so if you would be interested in taking over, please contact someone from the Council.

Thank You.  The Parish Council would like to thank everyone who contributes in some way to our village life.  It is motivated people like you who make a thriving village, and Girton certainly has a lot to be proud of.  Thank you, and have a good Christmas.  Watch out you don't get bitten by a Millennium Bug!

Clerk to the Council 

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Wednesday 19th January 2000 at 7:30pm in Orchard Close Community Centre. 


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