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Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting - January 2000.

The following were amongst items discussed at the January meeting:

Village Hall Users Meeting
This is a reminder about this meeting that is taking place in the School hall at 7.30pm on Wednesday 9th February.  If your group has not yet received its invitation and would like to attend, please contact the Clerk as soon as possible.

Ten-Acre Field
Last month voluntary help in planting the Ten-Acre Field was requested.  However, this help is needed more with tree planting in the Millennium Wood.  As soon as we have the go-ahead with this project we shall be looking for lots of green-fingered volunteers!

Recreational Ground Development
The raffle to win the prize of  a chance to sit on the JCB and knock the first bricks from the old pavilion, raised over £100.  Alex Webb, from Girton Road was the lucky winner and at 10am on Wednesday 19th January he joined the builders to begin the demolition progress.  It was a momentous (if chilly!) occasion for those who have made this dream become a reality.  It will be very exciting to watch the new building develop week by week.  The Council's concern for safety of everyone in the vicinity continues, so please remain vigilant at all times. 

Sports Development/Facilities Manager
The Recreation Ground Committee requires someone to fill the above position on a part time/freelance basis.  The job will begin on March 1st and the closing date for applicants is February 19th.  Please see the advertisement in this edition and contact the Clerk if you are interested in applying.

Precept 2000-2001
The Council set a precept for the year April 2000 - 31 March 2001 of £49,000.  This figure, with the best of the Council's understanding means a real increase for householders of 1.5% taking into account the current rate of inflation.

Village Bus Service
The Council has decided to start a campaign to highlight the failing bus service.  Factual information gathered by the Council from frustrated residents who rely on the local bus service, will provide a good starting point.  Please continue to report back to us on any problems encountered.

Clerk to the Council 

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Wednesday 16th February 2000 at 7:30pm in Orchard Close Community Centre. 


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