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The Girton Parish Council

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting - April 2000.

The following were amongst items discussed at the March meeting:

Girton Village Amenities Consultation Evening
The report from this meeting, which took place in early February, is now available to anyone wishing to read it.

BMX/Skateboard Facility
This project gathers pace as the Parish Council puts together a suggested plan of how the St John's field (behind the Recreation Ground) could be used.  The plan includes a suitable hard area of approximately 32m x 10m with five items of equipment for BMX bicycles and skateboards; an area with low mounds of soil for young cyclists, and finally an area with picnic tables.  A representative from 'Clever Curves' is coming to the Youth Club meeting on 25th May (in Cotton Hall) to offer advice on equipment and to look at the proposed site.  The Council is following up a possible grant from WREN and putting the above proposals to St John's College.

The New Pavilion
As you have no doubt noticed the new pavilion is taking on shape and you can have a good idea of what the finished building will look like.  Orders have been placed to install the new Multi-Use Games Area and the new artificial cricket strip in the near future.

Recreation Ground
There are now new seats and chains on the swings in the play area, and the frames are to be painted.  New seats will appear on the rocking horse as soon as the old ones can be removed.  Work is in hand to replace the bus shelter seats in the bus shelter by the Mayfield triangle.

War Memorial
Work continues on the new stones for the war memorial at Hibbitts, Victoria Road.  It shouldn't be much longer now until the refurbishment is complete and the misspelt and missing names are correctly engraved on the new stones.

Annual Parish Meeting
The Annual Parish Meeting will be held in the Glebe School hall on Wednesday 10th May 2000 at 7.30 p.m.  A short report will be given on activities over the past year and there will be an opportunity for questions.  The meeting will conclude with light refreshments and the opportunity to meet Councillors.

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Wednesday 17th May 2000 at 7:30pm in Orchard Close Community Centre. 


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