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Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting - May 2000.

The following were amongst items discussed at the May meeting:

Sports Development Officer
The Parish Council was pleased to welcome John Baggaley into this new role.  Until the new pavilion and multi-use games area are up and running, current booking systems remain the same for use of the tennis courts and sports pitches on the old recreation ground.  Any inquiries regarding fees and bookings for the new pavilion, multi-use games area, new & old sports pitches and tennis courts can be directed either through John or the Clerk.

Proposed Speed Limit Reduction on Oakington Road
Work continues on this issue.  The Council hopes to see the new proposed speed limit of 40mph implemented early next year.

The School crossing patrol person showed concern at the Annual Parish Meeting regarding the speed and volume of traffic along Cambridge Road.  The Parish Council proposed it should initiate proceedings to get a crossing sited at an appropriate point along that stretch of road, possibly between the Surgery at Pepys Way and the School.

Proceedings have begun to tarmac the footpath between Northfield and Dodford Lane. 
The Council was distressed to learn of the attack on a young woman as she used the footpath between St Margaret's Road and Thornton Road last week.  A sum of money has been pledged to ensure this and other paths are cleared of overgrown hedges in order to make them safer walkways.

Cycling on pavements
Whilst the Council acknowledges the need for young cyclists on the pavements to be accompanied by their parents, it would like to remind cyclists that the pavements are intended for pedestrians, and that common courtesy towards walkers should prevail at all times. 

Fund Raising for new Pavilion
Thanks go out to players from Girton United who took part in a sponsored slim to raise money for the new Recreation Ground Development Project.  Among those who took part were Graham and Paul Clare, Paul Jones, Peter Smith, Chris Cook.  The winner was Peter Smith who lost about 7 kilos, (that's 1 stone, 1/2 lbs. to those of you who haven't gone metric!)

Recreation Ground
Many thanks to Alexi and Sam Wright from Thornton Road for the time and effort put into fixing the new swing seats and chains onto the play equipment on the Recreation Ground.  Thanks too, to David for his engineering expertise!

Street Naming
The Parish Council has been asked to choose a name for the access road within the proposed new development on the land between Hicks Lane and Sterndale Close.  The land used to belong to a John Burrows, but the Council's recommendation of Burrows Field and Burrows Walk are too similar to Burrells Field and Burrells Walk which are within the same postcode area.  If anyone has an idea would they please contact a member of the Parish Council?  We would ask that no first names be included in the road name.

Dogs fouling
Please would all residents with dogs who use the footpaths within the village, ensure they clean up after their pets.  Dog muck on pavements not only looks and smells offensive, but is also a danger to young children.

Clerk to the Council 

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