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Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting - June 2000.

The following were amongst items discussed at the June meeting:

Reduced Speed Limit along Oakington Road.
Subject to the number of appeals (if any) against the proposed reduced speed limit along the Oakington Road, the Parish Council hopes to see this new speed limit (40mph) in force before the end of this year.

Cambridge Road, Girton.
The Parish Council has started proceedings to secure a crossing of some sort (zebra or pelican), within the vicinity of the School in order to get children and parents safely across the road.  The school crossing Patrol Person has resigned from his job due to increased risk to himself as the speed and volume of traffic reaches dangerous levels at peak times.

Thanks were given to the Parish Council for funding Girton Youth Works to clear the footpaths between Thornton Road and St Margaret's Road, and the footpath between High Street and Church Lane, known as Dovehouse Close.

Sports Development Officer
The Recreation Ground Committee was pleased to introduce John Baggaley to the full Council as the Sports Development Officer for the new sporting facilities.  John will be working to promote sport, leisure and community use of the new facilities.  He will particularly encourage usage among local people, especially young people.  His role will include general management of the recreation ground facilities, working with the Recreation Ground Committee and the voluntary Health and Safety Advisor.  Discussions are taking place on the ranges of fee levels to be set for use of the facilities.

New pavilion, artificial cricket wicket and multi-use-games-area.
The pavilion building is coming along well and should be ready in time for the 'Grand Opening Event' on Sunday 10th September 2000. Helen Smith, local disabled sports celebrity has agreed to officiate the opening.  The artificial cricket wicket was installed in one day and is already being used.  Work continues of the MUGA and it is hoped it's completion date will tie in with that of the pavilion, if not sooner. Work is in hand to clear the recreation ground site of overgrown bushes.

Clerk to the Council 

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