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Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting - July 2000.

The following were amongst items discussed at the July meeting:

Reduced Speed Limit along Oakington Road:
The Parish Council understands from the County Council Transport Department that the proposal for the reduced speed limit on the Oakington Road will be published at the end of next week.  There will be three weeks for responses and work could then be put in hand in October.

Safer Routes to School:  The Girton Glebe School has been chosen as one of six schools in the area allowed to submit projects to the Safer Routes to School project.  The sum of money is not guaranteed, although is thought to be quite large.  The aim is to increase the number of cyclists and decrease car journeys to school.  Likely projects include a revamp of the cycle sheds at the school and possible raised walkways across Redgate Road and Wellbrook Way.  A Pelican crossing on Cambridge Road remains an issue, but unfortunately at a recent site meeting, traffic was exceptionally light.  There will be another site meeting in the autumn.

Caretaker for The Pavilion:  Please see the advertisement for this new position. 
Recreation Ground Development Project:  The new pavilion is scheduled to be finished in early September, with the Grand Opening Day on Sunday 10th September.  Please see the full advertisement for details on what is planned for this momentous occasion.  Work is in hand to clear overgrowth from the Recreation Ground boundaries, as well as along the track that leads to the school gate and along to the Ten-Acre field. The final green carpet and sand is currently being laid on the Multi Use Games Area, and the artificial cricket wicket is already in use.  John Baggaley, Sports Development Officer, is already taking bookings for the existing and new sporting facilities.  The Parish Council was like to thank all the village groups who have given, and also pledged money towards this project.

Bus Service:  Cambridge Bus Users Campaign (CAMBUC) has supplied the Council with data collecting forms to be used by regular bus users.  The forms should give a realistic portrayal of failing areas within the service. 

Consideration of Bus Pass Rebate:  The Parish Council has agreed to give a rebate of £10 to holders of concessionary bus passes, as last year.  An additional condition decrees that the claimant must reside in Girton on the day they collect their rebate.  Further details will appear in  next month's GPN.

Next Meeting:  The Parish Council is in recess in August so the next meeting will be on Wednesday 20th September 2000 at 7.45 pm in Orchard Close Community Room.

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Wednesday 20th September 2000 at 7:30pm in Orchard Close Community Centre. 


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