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Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting - October 2000.

The following were amongst items discussed at the October meeting:

1. Reduction of speed limit on Oakington Road.
This has now been approved, and the 40mph restriction may be in place before the end of this year.
2. The Pavilion.
Local people have now filled the positions of Cleaner and Key Holder/Handy man.  The Parish Council has agreed that the Clerk may have an office in the pavilion, which will be known as 'The Parish Council Office'.  Details of office hours will be published throughout the village soon, and voice mail will operate out of hours.  The new telephone number is Cambridge 472181, although the Clerk can still be contacted at home until the office is up and running.  Any enquires regarding use of the existing and new sporting facilities may be directed through the Sports Development Officer (472183) or the Clerk.
3. Open Spaces.
Volunteers are needed to help plant more daffodil bulbs along the verges of Girton, starting at the College end of the village.  Please contact the Clerk if you are able to help.  Town End Close has recently been vandalised.  Please report anything suspicious you may see to the Clerk or Councillors.
4. Bids for Jointly funded Minor Highway Improvement Scheme '00/'01.
Two bids have gone in for the following works:
i. Raised walkway humps across the entrances to Wellbrook Way and Redgate Road and a raised walkway across Hicks Lane with dropped kerbs at the entrance to Sterndale Close.  These works would provide safer continuous pedestrian priority pathway to the two schools on the east side of Cambridge Road and to the patrolled crossing outside the Glebe School.
ii. Traffic controlled pedestrian crossings south of Pepys Way across Girton Road and opposite the Glebe School across Cambridge Road.
5. Recycling Boxes.
Most residents will have received a green plastic box by now and noticed that the two blue paper banks have disappeared from the Recreation Ground Car Park, being replaced by a smaller green bank.  This is a six-month trial initiated by the Cambridge Environmental Officer and enables residents to recycle items like clothing, food cans and 'glossy' paper, as well as continuing to recycle newspapers, drink cans and bottles in the usual way. It is anticipated that the Parish will not lose out if these boxes are used for recycling as £5.71  will go to the Parish Council per tonne of recycled material. 
If you have not received a green kerbside recycling box please call the telephone help line (01353 863971) to arrange delivery of a collection box and information leaflet. This is also the number for questions on the service.
See also the article on page 11.
6. Skateboard Ramp.
The Parish Council has put in a bid to WREN (Waste Recycling Environmental) for a grant to fund this project.  This application has been made possible by support from Girton Youth Works, and thanks go out to them.
7. Bus Shelters and Parish Council Notice boards.
A quote has been accepted to repair the village notice boards and to refurbish the two bus shelters on Huntingdon Road.   Also work to replace the bus seats in the Mayfield bus shelter has been approved.  Apologies go out to users of this bus stop for the delay in getting the seats replaced.
8. Thornton Stores.
Sadness was expressed at the closure of Thornton Stores.  Mr and Mrs Fry could no longer compete with other local stores providing groceries as well as the local Supermarket.  It was agreed that effort must be made to support local shops and the Council wished Mr and Mrs Fry, on behalf of the village, good luck with their move to Impington.

Clerk to the Council 

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