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Message from the Parish Council Chairman.

If special events can't happen in the year 2000, well, when can they? The planting of Girton Wood crowned a very busy year, not least because of the new pavilion and sports facilities opening in September. All of us on the Parish Council have been delighted with the enthusiasm and keen participation these developments have created in the village. Councillors have been busy on many other things too, from opens spaces and footpaths to youth activities.

So what's next? How can we continue to improve the quality of life for people in Girton? Exciting initiatives are already under way - some initiated on the Council and others that we are delighted to support. As you will have seen in GPN, we are keenly waiting for a decision on funding from WREN (out of the landfill taxes) to help the Council honour its promise of equipment for skateboards and BMX bikes. You'll see that the Glebe's bid for funding to achieve safer routes to school has been wonderfully successful, and we all hope that this will dramatically improve safety for children and parents - and win some ground back from motor traffic.

Looking further ahead, the Council would like to help people enjoy the various areas of the recreation ground not only as a sports facility, but also as a pleasant public park. We are thinking about ways to enhance the facilities for children to play and adults to care for them. If we could encourage more adults to use the Recreation Ground (and later the Wood) as a place to walk and meet and talk, or picnic, or snooze, we would be very pleased. Suggestions to the Council for suitable facilities or improvements to encourage this would be very welcome. Looking further ahead, we need to keep on thinking about best to develop suitable indoor space(s) for village activities such as drama and operatics, or other social activities.

Unfortunately, the Council will also have to be vigilant in defending the village against unwelcome developments during 2001. We held a special meeting in December to discuss the A14 study (CHUMMS), and we are actively resisting the most damaging scenarios set out in their interim report. We shall also be watching regional planning very carefully to guard against erosion of the Green Belt for housing around Girton.

So there is plenty to celebrate as we say farewell to 2000, and plenty to do as we look forward to 2001. Happy New Year from the Councillors and Clerk!

Kevin Bonnett, Council  Chairman

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Date of Next Meeting

The next Parish Council meeting will be held in the Pavilion on January 17th 2001 at 7.45pm.


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Last updated: 4th February 2000