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Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting - January 2001.

The following were amongst items discussed at the January 2001 meeting:

Planning Application for 307 Huntingdon Road.  This application had been refused as it was development within the Green Belt.   As yet it is unclear whether it will go to appeal.

CHUMMS - Cambridge and Huntingdon Multi Modal Study.  See our separate report here.

Girton Judo Club.   The Club is now fully registered with British and Cambridge Schools Judo Associations with membership of about 40 youngsters.   This success has necessitated Keith Benton to approach the Parish Council for more mats.  The idea was to form a separate mat for youngsters and newcomers.   Councillors were very impressed with the success of the club, and agreed to buy the mats outright and invite the club to make donations as and when it could. 

The Pavilion.  The CCTV cameras remain operational and it is anticipated that the new lines to the car park will be marked in sometime next week.  It is hoped to be able to give users of the car park as much warning as possible when this area will be cordoned off.

Skateboard Facility.  There has still been no news from WREN on the Council's application for funds for this project.  However, Councillors remain committed to their pledge of up to £7,000, which can be used to make up any shortfall in funding.  Work can now begin on getting this project off the ground and it was hoped that potential users in the village would be involved from the start. 

Girton Town Charity
Due to the unfortunate death of a lady in one other of the Charity's bungalows, this dwelling will be up for rent in the future.

Precept 2001/02
After lengthy discussion on the Council's budget projection for 2001/'02, it was agreed to set the precept level for next year at £44,100.

Dodford Lane
Problems still remain with the speed of traffic along this road.  The Council agreed that funding for speed humps was extremely unlikely and that bumps would be unpopular with many residents along the road.   It was agreed request new white lines along the road with a hope that this would make drivers more cautious.  Councillors agreed to bring this matter up at a forthcoming meeting with representatives from the Golf Club.

Thornton Road
This road also suffers from speeding vehicles, especially at rush hour.  However it was hoped that the proposed raised walkway at the top of the road (from the Safer Routes to School Scheme), may slow drivers down. 

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Date of Next Meeting

The next Parish Council meeting will be held in the Pavilion on February 21st at 7.45pm.


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