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Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting - February 2001.

The following were amongst items discussed at the February meeting:

Parents of two children at the Girton Glebe School were horrified to find that their children had discovered and played with two dirty, discarded insulin syringes. The syringes had been thrown onto waste ground near the top of the track that runs between the pavilion and the school.  Further searching discovered one more syringe and a lone needle cover.  Fortunately neither child suffered harm, and the Parish Council asks parents to emphasise the dangers of syringes and needles to their children.  PC Richard Newman will be speaking to the children on this subject when they return to school after half term.

Recreation Ground Car Park 
The car park bays have now been marked out and the Council requests that people park responsibly and safely, avoiding disabled bays (unless authorised) and the yellow-hatched areas. 

Girton Youth Works
The Parish Council is delighted to hear that the Senior Club is to be re-launched on Thursday 8th March at Cotton Hall with an Open Evening.  Please advise Andrew Meek (Cambridge 276729) if you would like to attend. Girton Youth Works also seeks members for its' Management Committee.  Again, please contact Andrew if you are interested in becoming involved. 

Thornton Close footpath
Thanks go to the young gardeners who helped clear part of this footpath that was overgrown with shrubs.  The Parish Council has seen details of the proposed Highways 2001/02 footpath and road resurfacing programme for Girton, and will inform residents as and when these proposals are confirmed.

Hibbert-Ware Garden
The Open Spaces Committee is pleased to confirm that the three seats, financed by funds pledged by three residents of Girton have arrived in Girton.  Councillor Peter Starling hopes to have the seats installed by Easter and thanks these residents for their support.

Wellbrook Way - Proposed Development
The Council is in possession of a copy of the third draft of the Section 106 Planning Agreement.  It is expected that this document may be close to its final format.

Safer Routes to School Scheme
The Chairman was delighted to report that at the recent meeting of the South Cambridgeshire Environment and Transport Area Joint Committee, the pelican crossing outside the school was approved, as were the routes from the Thornton Road end of the village.  However, further discussions are required on proposed routes from Dodford Lane to the school.

Annual Parish Meeting
The date for the next Annual Parish Meeting is Monday 30th April in the School Hall.  It is anticipated that documents required for the meeting will be available for inspection before the meeting (as well as a few on the evening) to cut down on photocopying.

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Date of Next Meeting

The next Parish Council meeting will be held in the Pavilion on March 21st at 7.45pm.


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