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Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting - March 2001.

The following were amongst items discussed at the March meeting:

Structure Plan Review The Council produced a joint response to the County Council's questionnaire about the Structure Plan, emphasising the importance of strong communities, affordable housing and good public transport.

Litter The Council is aware of the concerns of many residents about the amount of litter in the village. It is hoping to appoint a "Litter-Picker" soon and is considering which areas should be targetted.

Footpaths and Roads A number of footpaths and road surfaces in the village are listed in the current programme of works and should soon be improved.

Poppy Appeal Coordinator The Council would like to remind the village that the Poppy Appeal still needs a volunteer coordinator. Please contact the chairman if you need more information.

Girton Parish News The Council was pleased to make a grant to the Girton Parish News to help ensure that local news continues to reach every home in the village. 

Pollarding of Churchyard Poplar Trees  The Council agreed to a request from St Andrew's Church to contribute to the pollarding of the trees adjacent to the Recreation Ground, for safety reasons. Councillors expressed a view that the trees should not be pollarded again for at least three years after that.

Planning Cambridge University has produced leaflets showing their ideas for development of the North-West Cambridge site (a large triangle bounded by Huntingdon Rd, Madingley Rd and the M11. This development could have positive and negative implications for Girton, and is still at a very early stage. More information can be obtained from the University's Director of Estate Management at 74 Trumpington St, Cambridge, or on the Internet at http://WWW.ADMIN.CAM.AC.UK/GO/NORTHWEST

Annual Parish Meeting This will take place on Monday 30th April in the Glebe School Hall at 7.30pm. All villagers are encouraged to come along as there will be a chance to ask questions, hear reports about last year and make suggestions for next year.

Safer Routes to School News from the County Council Engineers: Phase 1 of the project (everything north of Church Lane including pelican crossing) will begin on site on May 1st this year.

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Date of Next Meeting

The next Parish Council meeting will be held in the Orchard Close Community Room on April 18th at 7.45pm.


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Last updated: 24th April 2001