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Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting - April 2001.

The following were amongst items discussed at the April meeting:

1. Bus Passes.  The new free concessionary passes are available as usual from Girton Post Office.  However each applicant is required to produce a passport sized photograph of him/herself for it.

2. Skateboard Project.  Work continues on this with revised estimates coming in for the mini-ramp itself and the hard standing area needed for it. 

3. Street Course.  As a matter of some urgency, a request has been presented for additional funding from WREN for a hard-surfaced "street course" with ramps and rails to facilitate younger users on skates and skateboards.  The Council is aware of current safety issues with youngsters using skateboards and scooters on the village car park and on the roads within the village.  It is proposed that this area be sited in between the floodlit tennis courts and Astroturf, close to the play equipment already being used by younger children.   

4. Recreation Ground.  Thanks were recorded to the sports club members and Parish Councillors who created a working party to clear up large items of rubbish from the Recreation Ground.  Reports have come in of rats on this area of land and SCDC have been alerted.

5. South Cambridgeshire District Council.  District Councillor Bullman reported on the new Constitution of the Council, which would take effect from May 2001. The new format would consist of a Leader (Chairman) of the Council (chosen from the elected councillors) and an Executive Cabinet of up to nine councillors appointed either by the Leader or by the whole Council.  Feedback on how the new Constitution was working could be discussed at the next meeting.

6. New floor for the W I Hall.  Financial backing from the Parish Council for this project had been requested from the W I Committee.  The few Councillors present were minded to offer £500 towards this project, subject to confirmation at the next Parish Council meeting.

7. Litter.  Thanks were recorded to the appointed litter picker for the superb job of cleaning up the village.  The Clerk would ask that residents continue to inform her of areas that need targeting.  

8. Dodford Lane. It appears that Highways have again patched the road, rather than re-surfaced it.  The Clerk said she would look into this.   Councillors were grateful for the new 'SLOW' sign on the Girton Road coming into the village.

9. Thanks.  Many thanks were recorded to Kevin Bonnett in his absence, for his hard work and achievements during his three-year tenure as Chairman to the Parish Council.                  

Clerk to the Council 

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Date of Next Meeting

The next Parish Council meeting will be held in the Orchard Close Community Room on May 16th at 7.45pm.


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Last updated: 24th April 2001