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Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting - May 2001.

The following were amongst items discussed at the May Annual General Meeting:

Planning Application for Mast at Girton Farm
As the site notice with details of this proposed telecommunication mast was never displayed, the 42 day notice period, giving residents time to respond, had not come into effect.  The notice however was put up on Monday 14th May and at the Parish Council meeting the Council returned a recommendation of 'refuse' to South Cambridgeshire District Council Planning Department.  It was reiterated that Girton was against masts in principle, but that the Parish Council's recommendation of refusal to this 'permitted development' would be treated as a consultation only and would not necessarily bear much weight.  

Peter Starling, Vice-Chairman was elected in and welcomed as the new Chairman to the Parish Council.  Thanks were given to Kevin Bonnett as retiring Chairman for his three years of hard work.  He was pleased to accept the position of Vice-Chairman.  The remaining elections for members of sub-committees and groups went ahead without much change.

Skateboard Ramp and proposed Street Course
It was anticipated that work could begin soon on preparing the area for the wooden mini-ramp on the Recreation Ground.  Work would also begin on the concrete area between the Tennis Courts and the Astroturf for the proposed street course.  The play equipment itself for the street course could be purchased when the Council had heard from WREN on the success of its application for funding.

Girton Town Charity
It was reported that the Trustees had signed the Section 106 Planning Agreement for the development of the land at Wellbrook Way.

Parish Noticeboards
Would anyone who wishes to use the Parish Noticeboards please check with the Clerk first on (01223) 472181.  Thank You.

Make The Commitment - Kill Your Speed Campaign
The Parish Council is keen to slow down the traffic in the village and details of this proposed campaign can be found below.  If anyone were interested in helping run the campaign would they please contact the Clerk for more details.  

Make the Commitment -  Kill your speed

Girton has been offered the chance to run a "Kill your Speed" campaign. The campaign has already attracted over 9000 individual drivers to sign up, but we now have the chance to make a difference as a community. This campaign has already been run successfully in other villages in the area.

The campaign would involve local residents, and the Parish Council, working together with road safety officers from Cambridgeshire County Council, in the fight to reduce speed in the village. 

It is hoped that the campaign would gain the support of the village and highlight the dangers of driving at inappropriate speed. It would firstly involve the County Council monitoring vehicle speeds to find the extent of the problem. 
For example, in a recent study, Lesley Gordon, County Council Road Safety Officer said: 
"During the last few weeks, I have been monitoring vehicle speeds in Duxford and found that very few drivers stick to the 30 mph limit. Some motorists are travelling at well over 40 mph, with some in excess of 50 mph, in the 30 mph limit. 
"These results reinforce the need for us to highlight the dangers of driving too fast, proving that drivers are taking serious risks in the built up areas of Duxford." 
Once results had been collected residents would be asked to support the ‘Make the Commitment’ campaign,  and to think about the speeds at which they drive. 
If you are keen to tackle speeding motorists in your area please contact the Parish Clerk for more details.

Clerk to the Council 

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Date of Next Meeting

The next meeting of the Parish Council will be held on Wednesday 20th June at 7.45pm in Orchard Close Community Room. 


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Last updated: 24th May 2001