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Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting - June 2001.

The following were amongst items discussed at the June Meeting:

1. Girton Town Charity Land.  The finalised Section 106 Planning Agreement for the proposed development at Wellbrook Way has now been signed by the Town Charity Trustees.  After detailed discussion on the document at the Parish Council meeting it was agreed that the Council would endorse the document, and the Chairman and Vice-Chairman duly signed it.  Councillor R Hiley stated that arrangements for marketing were moving ahead.

2. Weaver's Field.  The Parish Council is very close now to formally adopting the open spaces at Weaver's Field.  Calculations to the final 'establishment sum' to be paid to the Council were on-going and this money would include a sum to replace the dead shrubs and trees.  Arrangements were in hand to get the grass cut during the 'hand over' period.  If the Council were unsuccessful in stopping vandals destroying the wooden fence around the play area, it was proposed that it would be replaced by a metal one.

3. Recreation Ground.  The Council was pleased to hear the mini-ramp was now complete.  However, the ramp is yet to have its first safety inspection and users are advised to comply with the health and safety suggestions on the temporary signs erected on the site.  The concrete pad is now in place between the tennis courts and astroturf and K Bonnett was pleased to report that the Council had been successful in its application for funding from WREN and had been promised £6,100 towards this new equipment.

4. Litter Bins.  The Council agreed to spend just under £2,000 on new external litter bins around the village.   Twelve bins would replace those around the village, and the remaining would be sited on the Recreation Ground area.  The Clerk will contact the Language School to ask them to ensure their host families remind their guests not to place bags of large unwanted items in or around the village litter bins.

5. Safer Routes to School.  Work continues on this scheme and the correct type of fencing will soon appear along the end of Redgate Road.  The County Council have requested that the Parish Council consider an interactive traffic speed sign on the road in to Girton, just before Littleton House.  This sign detects speeding cars and as a result illuminates for 4 seconds showing the 30 mph sign.  The Parish Council was delighted with this suggestion and will request another such sign between the School and the Co-operative Store.

6. Pavements.  Following a complaint from a resident of Orchard Close, the Clerk said she would contact Highways regarding the poor state of the pavements between Orchard Close and the Post Office. 

Clerk to the Council 

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The next meeting will be held on Wednesday 18th July at 7.45pm in the Orchard Close Community Centre. 


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