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Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting - September 2001.

The following were amongst items discussed at the September Meeting:

1. Vacancy for one Parish Councillor
It was with regret that the Chairman accepted the resignation from the Parish Council of Kevin Bonnett, current Vice-Chairman and former Chairman.   Councillors would like to wish Kevin every success in his new post in Sheffield as Dean of the School of social science and Law.   Councillors have sent sincere thanks to Kevin for all the time and effort he has put in over the past years, especially with preparing the lottery application and the setting up of the building works for the new pavilion.   Mrs H Wilson was voted to stand in as Vice-Chairman until the May '02 elections.

2. Oakington Road
The Council has agreed to order two pairs of the 40mph repeater signs to emphasise more clearly this new speed limit.  One pair will be placed beneath the bend warning sign prior to the GIRTON sign and the other pair will go beneath the black/white chevron sign.

3. Overgrown Hedges and trees
The Council is still receiving complaints from residents regarding overgrown hedges encroaching on to the pavements and trees obscuring streetlights.  Please check your own boundary and cut back bushes if need be.  The Parish Council is seeking advice from Highways on how to deal with persistent offenders.

4. Histon Sector Community Beat Officers
The Parish Council welcomes PC Tim Wade as Girton's new Community Beat Officer.  It is hoped that PC Wade will attend the October meeting of the Parish Council so members may meet him personally.  The other two villages that will be covered by PC Wade are Histon and Impington.

5. Weaver's Field
The Parish Council can confirm that it has now taken over the maintenance of the open spaces at Weaver's Field.  If anyone has anything to report with regard to the open spaces, will they please contact the Clerk at the Parish Office.

6. New Litter Bins
The new green bins have now been placed around the village.  We hope they will encourage those living in the village to dispose of their litter in a thoughtful manner.   Three extra bins have been sited on the Recreation Ground.

7. Street Course area for Skateboarders
The Parish Council approved costings and plans put together by The Recreation Ground Committee for a quarterpipe, fun box/driveway and a flat bank to be installed on the concrete area between the Tennis Courts and the Astroturf.   The equipment has been ordered and will be installed in the near future. 

9. Neighbourhood Watch.
Please beware of two men posing as workers deceiving residents into agreeing to cheap work on their driveways.  These so called workers do half the job and then demand more money to complete it.
Clerk to the Council 

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Date of Next Meeting

The next meeting will be held on Wednesday 17th October 2001 at 7.45pm in the Orchard Close Community Centre. 


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