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Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting - November 2001.

The following were amongst items discussed at the November '01 meeting:

1. Safer Routes to School.  The Parish Council approved coloured 'Stop, Look, Listen' logos that would be painted onto the pavement either side of the raised crossings.  It was hoped this would be a helpful reminder to children using the raised crossing and clarify the priority issue that pedestrians and cyclists should give way to motor traffic.

2. Recreation Ground Area.  The Parish Council is aware of the increased amounts of waste generated by users of the new sporting facilities.  A new large refuge bin will be placed next to the bottle banks and will be emptied weekly by South Cambridgeshire District Council.

3. Recent Flooding.  Thanks were recorded to Parish Councillor Bill Parnwell for the detailed report he had compiled recording the effects of recent flooding on local residents.  It was anticipated that the Environment Agency would be in direct contact with those affected.  If you would like to contact the Agency yourself with your story, please ring the Parish Clerk for details.

4. South Cambridgeshire Youth Participation Project.  Martin Croxon, Connections Bus Project Manager and Kate Darcy, Youth Development Officer at Impington Village College gave the Parish Council a presentation on this pilot scheme.   The aim of the project is to involve youngsters (aged between 11 - 17 years) more early on with decisions normally made by adults about the community.  This could possibly lead on to the formation of a Youth Parish Council in Parishes that adopt the scheme.  For more information please ring the Parish Clerk.

5. Dogs on the Recreation Ground.  This is becoming an increasing problem.  Dogs are NOT allowed at all on the Recreation Ground but can be walked on a lead along the dog route to the Millennium Wood.  Please see the large article in this newsletter with a map that will soon be sited in the area.  The Parish Council will not tolerate threatening behaviour towards the law-abiding public who challenge dog owners flouting these rules.

6. Girton Children's Holiday Club.  The Council was disappointed to learn that this Club had shut down due to lack of support.  However, the Committee had kindly donated £100 to the Parish Council 'to further the needs of the village children' and thanks were recorded for this thoughtful gesture.

7. Road between School and Recreation Ground.  Steps are being taken by the Parish Council and the Education and Property Maintenance Department of the County Council to resurface this track, which is in an extremely poor condition.

8. Winter Months.  A salt bin will be placed near the Post Office to help with the slippery conditions caused over the winter months to the top of Dodford Lane. 

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Next Parish Council Meeting.  The next meeting will be on Wednesday 19th December 2001 at Orchard Close Community Centre.  The meeting is starting at 7.45pm.


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