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Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting - March 2002

1. Proposed new settlement at Longstanton/Oakington Barracks and superCAM rapid transit system.    Councillors listened to a 20-minute presentation from two representatives: one from Gallagher Estates and the other from their public relations consulting firm.  Questions were then taken from the floor, which covered issues like the possible impact of superCAM on cyclists, and the 'feeder routes' off the system.  Also discussed were the possible effects of the new settlement on local flooding and drainage and also to the A14 trunk road.

2. Girton Youth Works Millennium Garden Plaque.  Residents will soon notice a new plaque on Hibbert-Ware Garden.   This has been funded by Girton Youth Works, with a donation from the Parish Council.

3. Annual Parish Meeting and new Parish Council members.  Please come to the Annual Parish Meeting of the Council.  It is to be held on Tuesday 16th April 2002 in the Girton Glebe School Hall at 7.30pm.  As you will see from the Parish Noticeboards, the allotted number of Councillors for Girton has risen from thirteen to fifteen.

4. Oakington Road.  Following the near fatal accident that occurred on the 19th March, would cyclists PLEASE use the cycle path instead of the road?  

5. Cotton Hall.  Councillors agreed in principle to donate a sum towards the new windows for Cotton Hall.  It was hoped to be able to do this at the beginning of the new financial year.

6. Pebble Drives.  Would those residents with pebble drives, please ensure the pebbles stay away from the pavement and road.  They are extremely hazardous to cyclists.  Thank You.

7. Next Meeting.  The next meeting of the Parish Council will take place the day after the Annual Parish Meeting, on Wednesday 17th April at 7.45pm in Orchard Close Community Centre.

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