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Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting - July 2002

1. Golden Jubilee Coins The majority of coins have now been given out to the children of the village. After the 'cut off' date of Friday 9th August 2002, the coins will be available to buy for one pound only each.

2. Weaver's Field Play Area
A bin has now been purchased for this area and will be installed in the near future. Please encourage all children to use this facility. Thank you.

3. Planning Application for development of Land Off Wellbrook Way
Parish Councillors discussed at length the new outline planning application for this proposed development. A decision was taken to recommend refusal to the Planning Department at South Cambridgeshire District Council for a number of reasons. The main objections were to the increase in the number of houses from the previous planning application, the inevitable increased traffic flow and the fact that there would be only one access road. Other issues like potential flooding, emergency access and lack of pavements were also considered.

4. Youth Club Fund Raising Event
The Parish Council was pleased to hear that this fund raising event, organised by solely club members raised a very respectable 60.00. It was hoped to hold another such event in the future.

5. Bicycles on Pavement
Would those who insist on cycling on the pavements of Girton please refrain from doing so, unless accompanying small children on bikes? The Council has received various reports of near collisions with pedestrians on pavements especially outside the Co-operative Store on Girton Road. Visibility is poor for those pedestrians exiting this shop and then wishing to cross the road. Please be especially vigilant when cycling on the pavement in this area. Thank You.

6. Town's End Close
Would members of the public please be aware that there will be ponies grazing on this area of open space between the dates of 1st August to end of October 2002.

7. Neighbourly Concerns
The Council has received various complaints about loud music, bonfires and lawnmowers at unsociable hours. Please think about your neighbours before engaging in any of these activities so that we can all enjoy the summer weather together.

Next Meeting
The next meeting will be held on Wednesday 21st August 2002 at 7.15pm at Orchard Close Community Centre. Please remember that if you do attend a Parish Council meeting you cannot speak unless invited to do so by the Chairman. Thank you.

Clerk to the Council