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Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting - October 2002

1. Recreation Ground
Reports were still coming in of dogs fouling on the Recreation Ground area, and it was understood that a football match had had to be delayed because of this. Residents are again asked not to take dogs onto the Recreation Ground but to walk them up the track alongside the school and into the Millennium Woodland via the Ten-Acre Field. Thank you for your co-operation.

2. Netball Club
It was anticipated that this club was very likely to commence in early November this year. The club will meet on Wednesday evenings on the tennis courts which have been marked up with one netball court. For initial enquiries please ring Linda Miller, Bookings Administrator on Cambridge 472181.

3. Girton Town Charity
A working party for the development of the Community Land and facilities at Wellbrook Way was set up. Members include District Councillor E Bullman, Councillors M Wilson, R de Horsey, A Meek and Mrs H Wilson. Please contact one of these Councillors if you have any ideas or questions on the development of this 1.4-hectare of Community Land.

There is one Town Charity bungalow vacant and would anyone interested in this please contact the Clerk or one of the Town Charity Trustees.

4. Proposed Changes to Parish Council Procedures
A meeting had taken place between the Chairman and two Vice Chairmen in order to look at ways to improve the efficiency of the Council. After discussion, a number of changes to procedures were agreed upon and it was hoped that these would enable to Council to act more effectively on the behalf of the village. Areas discussed included planning, finance, 'terms of reference' for sub-committees, general correspondence and the adoption of various legal governmental policies.

5. Adoption of Racial Equality Policy
The Parish Council passed the following motion, proposed by Councillor Ford-Smith: 'Girton Parish Council adopts the general duty under the Race Relations Act to eliminate unlawful racial discrimination and to promote equality of opportunity and good relations between persons of different racial groups'.

6. Open Spaces
There is to be an English Oak tree planted on the Ten-Acre field in recognition of Mrs Gill Scrine's long service to the Parish Council. This will take place at 11am on Tuesday 5th November. For further details please contact the Clerk or Councillors P Starling and N Knights. The village sign is to be cleaned up in the near future by a volunteer resident and the Hibbert-Ware sign will be reinstated on the green now that it has been repaired. Also the broken fencing around the green at Mayfield Road is in hand to be repaired. Two thousand daffodil bulbs are waiting to be planted on green areas around the village. If you can volunteer your services please contact the Clerk or Councillor P Starling. Thank You.

Next Parish Council Meeting
The next Parish Council meeting will be held on Wednesday 20th November at 7.45pm in the Orchard Close Community Centre. Clerk to the Council