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Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting - January 2002.

The following were amongst items discussed at the January meeting:

Open Spaces. Plans are in hand to begin replacing some of the dead shrubs and trees at Weaver's Field. The second stage of tree planting on the Ten Acre Field is also anticipated.

Recreation Ground. The three pieces of street course equipment were installed on the concrete pad before the Christmas holidays and have proved very popular. The football clubs would like someone to mark up their pitches for weekend games on a regular basis. If you are able to help, please contact the Parish Office on Cambridge 472181. An independent inspection of the Logworld play apparatus, carried out by South Cambridgeshire District Council revealed that although the structure was in no imminent danger of collapse, it would certainly need replacing before next winter.

Police.  PC Tim Wade was welcomed to the meeting after 7 weeks annual & paternity leave. PC Wade warned against leaving bicycles unlocked in the village and said there was a crack down on cyclists riding with no lights. The new mobile patrol unit is expected to be in Girton on January 24th, alongside the library van.

Access to new graveyard from playing fields area. After discussions and a site visit, plans are in hand to give the grave-digging machine access along the Church wall on the Recreation Ground behind the Logworld play apparatus along to the new graveyard.  This will mean that the machinery need not traverse the old graveyard-

Litter Picker. Unfortunately the Parish Council's current litter picker has had to give up her duties. Would anyone willing to pick litter on the Recreation Ground area for £5/hour please contact the Clerk? Thank You.

Precept Level for 2002/2003 After discussions and voting at the Council's December meeting, it was agreed to set this Precept level at £48,069 which represents a 9% increase with 1535 households paying £31.32/year.

Track between School and Recreation Ground The Education and Property Maintenance Department of C.C.C. have now patched up the worse areas of this road. Complete resurfacing of the area would have cost over £10,000 and was not considered possible within current budget figures.
Annual Parish Meeting. The date for this will be Tuesday 16th April 2002 at 7.3Opm in the Girton Glebe School Hall.

Green Boxes. The Parish Council is aware that there have been problems with the fortnightly emptying of the green recycling boxes. The Council has been assured that these are being looked in to and hopes that the service will resume as soon as possible

Next Meeting The date for the next Parish Council meeting will be Wednesday February 20th 2002 at 7.45pm in the Orchard Close Community Centre.
Clerk to the Council 

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Date of Next Meeting

The next Parish Council meeting will be held in the Pavilion on February 20t at 7.45pm.


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