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Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting - February 2002.

The following were amongst items discussed at the February meeting:
Recycling Rebates. The Parish Council was pleased to receive at last the sum of £1,441.50, which represented recycling credit payments for Girton for the period April 2000 to March 2001. South Cambridgeshire District Council apologised for the late payment, saying that since April 2001 resources had been concentrated on the logistics of implementing and monitoring the new kerbside- recycling scheme. A breakdown of how the above sum was obtained is available from the Parish Office.

Litter Picker. Thanks were given to Andrew Meek who offered assistance from Youth Club members for a 'one-off' litter pick on a Saturday morning in the near future.

Parish Council VAT Status The Chairman reported that the Council's application to become VAT registered was on hold whilst the Enquiries Section of HM Customs and Excise carried out a Liability Check. Users will continue to pay VAT on use of the facilities until the status has been confirmed.

Safer Route to School Scheme Works continue on the interactive traffic speed sign, which will be situated outside Littleton House School facing out of the village. The sign will flash "30mph" at vehicles approaching the sign over that speed.

307 Huntingdon Road The revised proposal for a laboratory at 307 Huntingdon Road had been refused again by South Cambridgeshire District Council. It was unclear whether the University would appeal against the decision, but likely that the District Council would work with the Police to find a better site for this building.

Cambridge Area Metro Promoters of this system, which is being developed by Cambridge Rapid Transit System and Gallagher Estates, have sent details of their forthcoming exhibition. Further details can be obtained from the Clerk, although the nearest exhibition will be held in the Oakington Primary School on Wednesday 6th March 4 - 8pm.

Annual Parish Meeting This will be held in the School Hall on Tuesday 16th April 2002 at 7.3Opm. Please do come along to meet your Parish Councillors as well as your District Councillors, and also County Councillor John Reynolds who will be there to answer any questions from residents

Girton Youth Works. Permission was granted from the Council to allow Girton Youth Works to place a permanent slate tablet on the 'hump' at Hibbert-Ware garden to commemorate the Millennium. A donation was also agreed on from the Council to help fund the works.

Model Code of Conduct Richard Carter, who had attended a recent seminar held by Cambridgeshire Association of Local Councils on this issue, gave councillors a brief report. Regulations state that all Parish Councils must sign up to the new ethical framework by 5th May 2002 and individuals need to do so 2 months later. The Parish Council awaits a guide to the new ethical framework, which is being prepared by the National Association of Local Councils, before taking further action on this.

Pollarding of Poplar Trees A suitable quote had been received by the Parochial Church Council to pollard these trees in the Church graveyard. The Parish Council anticipated that this work would be carried out before the trees came into bud.
District and Parish Elections These take place on Thursday 2nd May 2002. The Clerk holds a supply of Nomination Papers for Candidates wishing to register for the Parish Elections. These have to be received back by the Legal Office of South Cambridgeshire District Council no later than Noon on Friday the 5th day of April 2002.

A decision was taken to increase the numbers of Parish Councillors for Girton from Thirteen to Fifteen to reflect the growing village.

Where is Girton? Are there any more parishioners who feel the same as others do in the village regarding the lack of early signs on the approach to Girton? Suggestions include a sign 'GIRTON' at the City Boundary by the Travellers' Rest and another at the Parish Boundary on the A14 which could read GIRTON VILLAGE. Please call the Clerk if you have more thoughts on this. Thank You.
Next Meeting This will take place on Wednesday 2Oth March 2002 at 7.45pm in the Orchard Close Community Room.

Structure Plan Review 2002 Subsequent to the recent Parish Council Meeting details have been received of the Structure Plan Exhibitions for March - April 2002. These are on the Parish Notice boards. Nearby exhibitions will be held in Oakington Primary School on Thursday 21st March and in the Stanley Library and Old Hall at Girton College on Monday 25th March. The exhibitions are from 4 7.3Opm with the evening presentations 7.30- 9pm. Planning Officers will be on hand to answer your questions on the framework for the location of all new houses and associated development up to the year 2016.

Since the Parish Council Meeting we are pleased to announce that a volunteer has agreed to pick litter on the Recreation Ground area. The Council hopes that this will keep the whole area looking clean for the busy summer months.

Clerk to the Council 

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The next Parish Council meeting will be held in the Pavilion on Wednesday 20th March at 7.45pm.


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