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Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting - September 2003

1. Wheely Bins
There have been some concerns about what to do if a bin is stolen. Residents are advised to report this to the Police and to get an incident number from them. If this is done then the District Council will replace the bins free of charge.

2. Crime and anti-social behaviour
There had been some reports of drugs-related items being found along Lane. Residents are reminded to be watchful when out walking and not to let children or animals touch any suspicious items. If you do see anything for concern please report it to the Police, neighbourhood watch or the Parish Council.

There are still problems with cars speeding through the village, and around the car park. Again, it is important to report dangerous driving (including index/licence numbers) to the police so that they can investigate.

3. School Bus
There has been concern from parents about the safety of children waiting at the top of the road for the school bus to Impington Village College. The bus stop used to be further from the corner but that was not ideal either. County Councillor John Reynolds agreed to look at the matter. In the meantime, drivers are asked to be particularly careful around the top of Thornton Road in the mornings, and not to overtake the bus when the children are boarding.

4. Planning
A revised plan for the development at Wellbrook Way was discussed. The Council agreed that the new plan was an improvement in some ways but are still concerned about some issues including the mix of housing throughout the development and disability access to the open spaces.

5. Side Gate at Recreation Ground
The Parish Council expressed their thanks to those who helped to install the gate on the track beside the school. This will prevent cars using the track to race up and down. The design has been discussed with the emergency services who are equipped to gain access if necessary.

6. Litter Picking
Thank you to those who have helped in previous months. Litter picking will continue on the last Saturday of each month between 9am and 12noon - the next dates are 25th October and 29th November. The Council hopes that the group of helpers will grow - even half an hour of help can make a difference! Grabbers are provided but you will need to bring your own gloves.

7. Pump Garden
Work has started on this. Once the old shrubs have been removeds a new hedge will be planted and the new benches installed.

8. Litter Bin at Woodlands Park Triangle
It was agreed to purchase a litter bin to keep this area tidy.

9. Youth Works
Girton Youth Works is looking for more volunteers to help supervise the gardening sessions, to help on the committee and to assist the trained youth leaders at the youth group. Anyone interested should contact Andrew Meek.

10. Next Meetings
The next planning meeting will be held on Wednesday 8th October at St Vincent's Close Community Centre at 8pm. The October Parish Council Meeting will be held on Wednesday 15th October at 7.45pm at Orchard Close Community Centre.