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Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting - March 2004

1. Traffic Calming Proposals
A representative from the County Council spoke to Councillors on the proposed traffic calming scheme which had been designed for the village following the initial meeting held last year. Councillors suggested various amendments to this scheme. A Public Consultation will take place in Girton, on Tuesday 20th April, at the Pavilion between3pm 8pm. This Consultation will be well publicised throughout the village.

2. Extension to Recreational Ground
At the meeting the Parish Council voted not to renew this five-year lease on the field from St John's College. With the current rent of 600 per annum and various ongoing maintenance costs set against the limited use of the field, the Council felt the field was no longer a financial or recreational asset to the village.

3. Wellbrook Way
The Parish Council formally approved proposals for the layout of the play area and the Community Land at Wellbrook Way. The Council is now in communication with the Planning Department at SCDC to discuss further details on the play equipment to be installed, details of the layout of the Community Land and the management plan for the 'wild areas' on the site. For further details, please contact the Parish Office.

4. Open Spaces
One of the voluntary tree wardens had felt it necessary to retire from his position, so a replacement volunteer is sought. If anyone is interested in this post, or requires further details will they please contact P Starling (Chairman of the Open Spaces Committee) or the Parish Office. Thank You.

5. Parish Clerk
The Council was pleased to ratify the appointment of the new Parish Clerk. It was anticipated that after a hand-over period, in order to maintain continuity of support for the Council, Helen Bracey would begin her new role in the summer. She is wished all the best in her new role as Clerk to the Council.

6. Future Meetings
The next Planning meeting will be held from 8pm at St Vincent's Close Community Centre on Wednesday 7th April. The next full Parish Council meeting will be held on Wednesday 21st April from 7.45pm at Orchard Close Community Centre.

7. Annual Parish Meeting
This has now been confirmed for Wednesday 12th May 2004 at 7.30pm in the Girton Glebe School Hall. Please do attend this meeting where you can meet your Parish, District and County Councillors. There will be opportunities for you to ask questions and make comments on matters such as highways, education, environmental issues, recreational facilities, transport and planning.