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Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting - April 2004

1. Traffic Calming Proposals
There had been quite a good response to this Public Consultation event held on 20th April. Would residents please return all completed questionnaires as soon as possible to David Brace at the County Council? The Parish Council has requested a further meeting with the Traffic Management Team before the proposals are finalised.

2. Airey Properties
The New Village Development Officer at South Cambridgeshire District Council has arranged two Public Consultation events for residents of the Airey Houses. These will take place in the Pavilion between 3 - 9pm on Tuesday 11th May and between 4 - 9pm on Thursday 17th June.

3. Glass Recycling Rebates
To answer a frequently asked question, income generated from the colour-separated bottle banks (especially the clear glass) is greater than that generated by the fortnightly kerbside collections. Residents may wish to bear this in mind when recycling glass.

4. Open Spaces
As reported in last month's issue, Douglas Mills had felt it necessary to retire from his position of Tree Warden for the Parish Council. Councillors would like to thank Douglas for all his hard work and support over the years. This position has yet to be filled.

5. Street Naming - Residential Development off Wellbrook Way
Councillors agreed that the main road throughout this new development should be named 'Wellbrook Way'. If any residents have strong objections to this would they please contact the Clerk as soon as possible, or one of the Parish Councillors? Thank You.

6. Annual Parish Meeting
Residents are reminded that this will take place on Wednesday 12th May, from 7.30pm in the Girton Glebe School Hall. This is an excellent opportunity for you to meet your Parish, District, and County Councillors.

7. Forthcoming Meetings
The next Planning Meeting will be held at 7pm on Wednesday 12th May at the Girton Glebe School Hall (before the Annual Parish Meeting). The next full Parish Council Meeting (the AGM) will be held at 7.45pm on Wednesday 19th May in the Orchard Close Community Centre.