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Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting - June 2004

1. Recreation Ground
Planning Permission for the replacement tennis court floodlights, funded by the Girton Town Charity, has been applied for. Repairs are in hand to the damaged skateboard areas and the fencing around the car park. A resident has kindly donated 100 towards a new village seat for the Recreation Ground area. Another set of portable goals is to be purchased for the Ten-Acre field.

2. Traffic Calming
Following a successful meeting with the County Council Traffic Engineers the Parish Council's proposed alterations to the traffic-calming scheme were noted. There will be a final conclusive discussion about this at the Planning Meeting on Wednesday 7th July. Please see Councillor Michael Wilson's report for further details.

3. District Council Election
Thank you to all residents who voted on 10th June. The Declaration of Result of Poll has been posted on the Parish Council notice boards. Congratulations to Jane Healey and Eustace Bullman who remain the duly elected Councillors for Girton Ward.

4. Empty Police House
This house is to remain the property of the Cambridgeshire Constabulary. County Councillor John Reynolds assured Councillors that the house and garden would be renovated in the near future and let out on a short-term basis.

5. Overgrown Hedges
Thank you to all residents who have contacted the Clerk regarding overgrown hedges and bushes encroaching onto the public Highway. The owners of the properties concerned have been contacted.

6. Street Signs
The Clerk has contacted SCDC over a number of either vandalised or missing street name signs. It is hoped these will be sorted out in the near future.

7. Forthcoming Meetings
The next Planning Meeting is to be held from 8pm on Wednesday 7th July at St Vincent's Close Community Centre, and the next Parish Council meeting is on Wednesday 21st July at 7.45pm in Orchard Close Community Centre.