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Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting - March 2005

1. Circle 33 Planning Application.
The planning application for re-development of the Airey Houses at St Vincent's Close has been withdrawn.

2. Wellbrook Way.
The development of the community land at Wellbrook Way is still being finalised with the Town Charity and the developers.

3. North-west Cambridge Master Planning Workshops.
Mrs Helen Wilson reported that she had attended the workshops and gave the Councillors a brief outline of the final workshop. Mrs Wilson had expressed concern that Girton should not merge with the City boundary. The development of any land in Girton parish is many years away.

4. Girton Glebe School.
Concern was raised over the lack of places available at the school in view of the increasing number of families moving into the village. It was agreed that the Council should contact the LEA with its concerns.

5. New Police CBM and PCSO.
Girton's new Community Beat Manager Kevin Misik and Police Community Support Officer Leanne Cole attended the meeting and gave the Councillors a brief outline on current changes in the Cambridgeshire police force. They can both be contacted at Histon Sector Police Station on 01223 358966.

6. Powered Roller.
The Parish Council have been awarded a sum of money by the Girton Town Charity to purchase a powered roller for the recreation ground. The roller will be housed in a new container which will be situated on the recreation ground near to the existing container. It is anticipated the roller will be in use by the summer.

7. Youth Works.
The Girton Youth Club has closed down due to lack of funds. A village youth worker has yet to be appointed but it is hopeful that this position will be filled by the summer.

8. Town Charity Trustee.
The Parish Council have appointed Mr John Robson as a trustee of Girton Town Charity. He is wished every success in this role.

9. Citizens Advise Bureau.
The Town Charity reported that they are hopeful the CAB will be opening sessions at Pepy's Way doctor's surgery in the near future.

10. Oakington to Girton Cycle Path Improvements.
Discussions took place about these improvements with particular emphasis on the lack of street lighting along the Oakington Road which Councillors are still very concerned about. Councillor John Reynolds said he would look into this matter.

11. Dog Litter Bins.
The Council are to purchase two dog litter bins which will be situated at Weaver's Field and Woody Green.

12. Benches.
The Council are to purchase two benches to be located on the recreation ground, near to the play area. Any contribution towards these benches would be welcome.

13. May elections.
Elections for Parish Council officers and committee members will take place at the Parish Council's meeting on 18th May.

14. Annual Parish Meeting.
Residents are reminded that this meeting will take place on Wednesday 11th May, from 8pm at Girton Glebe School.

15. Forthcoming Meetings.
The next Planning meeting will be held on Wednesday 6 April in St Vincent's Close Community Centre at 8pm. The next Parish Council meeting will be held on Wednesday 20 April in Orchard Close Community Centre. The meeting will begin at 7.45pm.