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Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting - June 2005

The following were amongst items discussed at the June meeting of the Parish Council and information received by the Clerk.

Thanks to Outgoing Chairman. The Chairman expressed his thanks and appreciation to Richard de Horsey for his valued chairmanship over the past couple of years. Richard de Horsey remains on the Parish Council as Vice Chair.

Traffic Calming Scheme. Following the inspection of the traffic calming scheme by Parish Councillors and the County Council's traffic management team, it was concluded that the variation in the height of the ramps needs to be addressed and made consistent throughout the village. Concern was also raised about the safety of cyclists approaching the roundabout at Wellbrook Way and improvements are being developed.

Oakington to Girton Cycle Path. The Clerk has been informed that work is due for completion by the end of June.

Conservation Area. The Council were given a presentation by the Conservation Area and Design Officer for SCDC. The proposal is for a Conservation Area to be centred around the Church and the junctions of High Street and Cambridge Road. The purpose of a Conservation Area is to enhance and preserve areas of historic interest, including buildings, trees and open spaces. The Parish Council will consider this proposal at a future meeting.

Girton Wood. Members of the Open Spaces Committee met with the Woodland Trust to discuss the maintenance of Girton Wood. Issues such as grass cutting, disabled access and improved signage were discussed.

Health and Safety. The Council agreed that a sub-group would meet to address the need for more co-ordinated management of health and safety issues.

Renewable Energy Project. Proposals for this project had been previously circulated to Councillors. It was agreed to consider it in full at the next Parish Council Meeting.

Mobile Warden Scheme. The Parish Council are looking into the possibility of operating this scheme in the village. If you know of anyone who lives alone and has restricted mobility and you think could benefit from this scheme, please contact Mrs Val Godby for more information (telephone 276372).

Police report. Car owners were reminded that under Section 59 of the Police Reform Act if a vehicle is causing alarm, annoyance or distress to other people, the owner can be given a warning which could result in the car being confiscated.

Recycling Bin Collection Times. The plastics bins are emptied weekly on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The bottle and can banks are emptied only when they are full.

Forthcoming Meetings. The next Planning meeting will be held on Wednesday 6 July at 8pm in St Vincent's Close Community Centre. The next Parish Council meeting will be held on Wednesday 19 July in Orchard Close Community Centre. The meeting will begin at 7.45pm.