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Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting - July 2005

The following were amongst items discussed at the July meeting of the Parish Council and information received by the Clerk.

1. Resignation of Recreation Ground Chairman from the Council. The Parish Council would like to thank Noel Knights for his hard work and commitment to the Recreation Ground and the village during his tenure as Chairman. The Council were saddened by his resignation but wish him well.

2. Girton Village Day. The Parish Council were extremely pleased with the success of the day and would like to thank everyone involved in its organisation and to those groups who participated. Many people have suggested that the day should become a more regular, perhaps annual, event. The Council is mindful that future events would need broader organisational support from the community to be sustainable. The Council would be pleased to receive comments and suggestions from the village.

3. Proposed Conservation Area. The Council agreed that the next step forward with this proposal is to arrange for a public display/presentation to the village. The Clerk will contact South Cambridgeshire District Council to ask them to organise this. Further details will be advertised in the Parish News.

4. Renewable Energy Project. Following a presentation from the proposers of this project, the Council agreed to support further feasibility studies in order to inform further decision making.

5. Statement of Objectives for the Parish Council. The Council have formally adopted a Statement of Objectives.

6. CCTV on Recreation Ground. An upgrade of the existing system is to take place during the summer. This will include an upgrade to digital monitoring and more cameras will be installed to cover the car park and recycling areas.

7. The Girton Wood. The Parish Council are in negotiation with the Woodland Trust over various improvements to access into the wood and also the possibility of taking over the management of part of the maintenance of the wood.

8. Youth Work. The YMCA have employed a full time youth worker for the village, sponsored by Girton Town Charity. He will be managed by Girton Youth Works to look into the needs of young people in the village and introduce new schemes where necessary.

9. 10 Days of Summer. This summer scheme for 8 - 14 year olds will be running from 8th - 19th August. For further details contact Andrew Meek. If anyone is interested in youth work, courses are being run at Cottenham Village College. Contact Andrew Meek for further information.

10. Garden Waste. This is a reminder that garden waste should be either home composted or put into the green wheelie bin for disposal. Please avoid burning this waste.

11. Traffic calming. The County Council have agreed to adjust the gradient of the ramps so they are consistent throughout the village.

12. Forthcoming Meetings. The next Parish Council meetings will be held on Wednesday 10th and Wednesday 31st August at St Vincent's Close Community Centre, and Wednesday 21st September in Orchard Close Community Centre. All meetings will begin at 7.30pm