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Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting - September 2005

The following were amongst items discussed at the 31 August meeting of the Parish Council and information received by the Clerk.

Damage to Churchyard. If any one can help the police in their investigations over the damage to 31 headstones in the churchyard, we would urge you to contact the police on 0845 4564564.

Police "Neighbourhood Panels". PC Kevin Misik reported to the Council that the Police Force are looking at setting up "neighbourhood panels" who will meet to set local priorities for the area. The project is in its infancy but they are currently looking at the make-up of the panels.

Ten Days of Summer. Youth Works have reported that the Ten Days of Summer had been very successful. The youth leader was very positive and pleased with its success and had plenty of ideas for organising future events. He is also very keen to get the youth club going again. Woodlands Park Trees. Work to these trees will be carried out on 17th October by Acacia Tree Surgery. Work will mainly consist of the selective removal of branches (especially those over hanging the road and footpaths), removal of dead wood and pruning to clear BT wires. Please would residents avoid parking on the street during the day the work is carried out.

Cambridgeshire County Council Grant Aid Schemes. The Parish Office has received information from Cambridgeshire County Council regarding their annual grants scheme to small community groups and voluntary organisations within the county. For further information please contact the Parish Clerk.

Resignation of Parish Councillor. The Parish Council would like to thank Richard Carter for his work on the Parish Council over the past three years. The Council elections will take place in May 2006. Should anyone be interested in standing they should contact the Chairman or the Parish Clerk for further information.

Dog Litter Bins. Two more dog litter bins have been sited in the village at Woody Green and Weaverís Field. Please would dog owners make use of these and the existing bins in the village. There is still a significant amount of fouling to footpaths and public spaces in Girton and we would remind dog owners of the maximum fine of £1000 for this offence.

Traffic Calming Measures. The features installed are designed to be travelled over comfortably at the legal speed limit. The Council has been notified of erratic driving behaviour Ė stop, start and extreme slowness over the ramps. Please can village drivers provide a sensible example to other road users.

North West Cambridge Masterplan. The Parish Council have received a letter from Andrew Lansley MP asking for the Parish Councilís views on this University proposal. Mrs Wilson has agreed to respond to Mr Lansley with the Councilís concerns.

Drainage in Girton. It had been noted that the drains in Girton had not been cleared recently. The Clerk has requested the County Council to clear all drains in the village.

Forthcoming Meetings. The next Parish Council meetings will be held on Wednesday 12 October and Wednesday 2 November in St Vincentís Close Community Centre. Both meetings will begin at 7.30pm.