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Notes of Parish Meetings


Notes from the Parish Council Meeting - January 2007

The following were amongst items discussed at Parish Council meetings and information received by the Clerk.

1. NIAB Site. The Parish Council has received extensive planning documentation for the NIAB site. Plans are available in the Parish Office including the suggested density of occupancy of the site, the number of stories of buildings across the site and plans of foot/bike access to the site from Thornton Close. This is a major development which will make an impact on our community. The planning application is for mixed use development comprising up to 1780 dwellings, primary school, community facilities, retail units and associated infrastructure including vehicular, pedestrian and cycleway accesses, open space and drainage works on the NIAB site within the Cambridge City boundary. Comments to be received by 19 February 2007.It would be helpful if making representations on this application to send a copy to the Parish Clerk so we have a complete picture of opinions. Details of the plans may be viewed on-line from (scroll to the bottom of the page).

2. Milton Country Park. The Parish Council have agreed to write a letter expressing support for the campaign to halt the closure of Milton Country Park. Individuals wishing to support the campaign can view their website at

3. Wellbrook Way. A resident of Wellbrook Way complained that two new speed bumps which have been placed across Wellbrook Way are dangerous to cyclists. We contacted Wimpeys and within 24 hours cycle escapes had been created. We hope the situation is now acceptable.

4. Blocked drains. Following the heavy rain both Wellbrook Way and Duck End flooded due to blocked drains. These have now been cleared.

5. Pooper Scooper Competition. The competition was judged by a panel and the winners have been notified. Paul Eady kindly added another 25 for five 'consolation' prizes. Congratulations to: Sarah Sanderson (first prize), Edward Shellard (second prize), Alden Howlett (third prize) and Joe Biggs, Kerri Hilton-Taylor, Rachel Humann, Gabriela Roose and Amelia Breese who won the consolation prizes.

6. Planning Issues. May we remind parishioners that if they have concerns about any planning issues it is very helpful if any correspondence to SCDC could be copied to the Clerk

7. Green Eurobin at Rec car park. A reminder to parishioners that the large green 'Eurobin' situated next to the plastics banks on the Recreation Ground car park is for Parish Council trade waste ONLY. Rubbish that cannot go into a green wheeled bin or green box should be taken to the dump at Milton. Fly tipping is not permitted and could lead to prosecution of persistent offenders. If you require another green box or to arrange for collection of household items please call SCDC Environmental Services on 08450 450 063.

8. Forthcoming meetings. The next Parish Council meetings will be held on Wednesday 21 February and 21 March 2007 at Orchard Close Community Centre. The meetings will begin at 7.30pm.