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Notes of Parish Meetings


Notes from the Parish Council Meeting - April 2007

The following were amongst items discussed at Parish Council meetings and information received by the Clerk.

1. Proposed pharmacy for Girton. A preliminary application has been received to open a pharmacy if one of the Thornton Way shops were to become vacant. The Parish Council considered the various factors involved and its initial response can be read on the Council Minutes for 18 April.

2. Litter and Dog bins. SCDC are consulting Parish Councils with regard to the provision and emptying of litter and dog bins. We have been provided with a number of options and the Council is happy to move towards some sort of standardisation. The full response can be seen in the Minutes. The problem of littering in the village continues to be a matter of concern and we would encourage everyone to use the litter and dog bins provided or take your litter home!

3. GM Potato Trials at NIAB. The Director of NIAB together with leading scientists from NIAB and BASF gave a presentation to the Council on their forthcoming trials on a blight-resistant potato strain. They explained the conditions and precautions under which the trials will take place and invited anyone concerned to discuss issues further with them. Contact details are on their website at

4. Tennis court floodlights. Progress has been made in the installation of the floodlights which should be in service shortly.

5. Forthcoming meetings. The next Parish Council meeting will be held on Wednesday 16 May and Wednesday 20 June 2007 at Orchard Close Community Centre. The meetings will begin at 7.30pm.