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Notes of Parish Meetings


Notes from the Parish Council Meeting - November 2007

The following were amongst items discussed at Parish Council meetings and information received by the Clerk.

1. Bookings Administrator's new telephone number Linda Miller now has a direct line. For enquiries regarding the Recreation Centre please call her on 01223 472182.

2. Girton Feast Week The Parish Council has given its backing to plans for a Feast Week next summer. If you would be interested in being involved in the organisation of this event, please contact the chairman.

3. Credit Card skimming There appears to be another wave of card skimming, so check your statements carefully, and always be on the lookout for any unusual activity on the part of anyone who handles your cards.

4. The future of University Farm If you missed the exhibition on the North West Cambridge development (half of which is in Girton parish) at the Pavilion in Girton on 30 October you could still attend the exhibitions on Thursday 8 November 2007 in the Ante Room at New Hall or on Tuesday 13 November 2007 at the University Sports Pavilion on Wilberforce Road.

5. Forthcoming meetings. The next Parish Council meetings will be held on Wednesday 21 November and Wednesday 19 December at St Vincent's Close Community Centre. The meetings will begin at 7.30pm.