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Notes of Parish Meetings

Notes from the Parish Council Meeting - July 2008

The following were amongst items discussed at Parish Council meetings and information received by the Clerk. The full minutes may be found here.

1. Girton Parish Council. At its AGM Cllr de Lacey was voted in as Chairman for a further term and Cllrs Clift and Ford-Smith as Vice-Chairmen. Emails to will be received by all three.

2. Litter bin collection at Wellbrook Way. Although public litter bins were installed at Wellbrook Way the District Council was not made aware and they were therefore not emptied. This problem has now been resolved and the bins should be emptied regularly. Please let the Clerk know if this is not happening.

3. New cycle path at Wellbrook. At the parish council meeting it was agreed to adopt the proposed cycle/pedestrian path from Wellbrook to Whitehouse Lane in the event of the negotiations being successful.

4. Planters from Wimpey. Thanks to a generous donation from Wimpey the parish council has been able to provide ten planters through the village and residents nearby have agreed to look after them. Many thanks to Peter Graves who kindly planted them up.

5. Village map. A draft version of a new village map has been posted on the noticeboard at the Recreation Ground. To assist the Parish Council in preparing the final version we would welcome comments and views which can be sent to the Clerk. Note that the intention behind the new map is not to produce a detailed street plan, with every road named, but rather a schematic map that shows the main features and amenities in the village.

6. Groundsman of the Year. We are proud to announce that Chris Wilson was nominated by Girton United for the Cambs FA Groundsman of the Year award and was placed third in the County. This is a tribute to Chris and to our maintenance contractor Peter Round, and also to the generosity of Girton Town Charity for their donation of the Powerol roller.

7. North West Cambridge Consultation. The parish council has agreed a response to the latest Draft Area Action Plan which will be reviewed by the Secretary of State.

8. Recycling area at Recreation Ground. We have had complaints about untidiness around the recycling area when the plastic bottle bank overflows. Please crush bottles before depositing them, and if you find the banks are full please take your recyclables home until another day.

9. Forthcoming meetings. The next Parish Council meetings will be held on Wednesday 16 July and Wednesday 17 September (no meeting in August) at St Vincent's Close Community Centre. The meetings will begin at 7.30pm.