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Notes of Parish Meetings

Notes from the Parish Council Meeting - September 2008

The following were amongst items discussed at Parish Council meetings and information received by the Clerk. The full minutes may be found here.

1. Meeting in August. The Parish Council would like to apologise that having stated there would be no meeting in August urgent business meant that we had to have one. Issues discussed included the resignation of the Clerk and developments of the community area in Wellbrook Way.

2. Vacancy for Parish Clerk. Following the resignation of Helen Bracey the Council is looking for a part time Clerk. Please see the boxed advert for details.

3. Wellbrook Way. The Council discussed a proposal from Wimpey for the play area (LEAP) and are asking if it is possible to add more equipment to the proposal. It will also now go ahead with the Planning Application for the bowling green.

4. Dog litter bins at Wellbrook Way. Following complaints that no dog litter bins are provided at Wellbrook Way, the Clerk has requested that the District Council install one or more. The Parish Council no longer have the power to provide bins.

5. Watch found. A watch has been handed in having been found on the Trim Trail on the Ten Acre Field. Please contact the Parish Council office if you think it is yours.

6. Forthcoming meetings. The next Parish Council meetings will be held on Wednesday 17 September and Wednesday 15 October at St Vincent's Close Community Centre. The meetings will begin at 7.30pm.