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Notes of Parish Meetings

Notes from the Parish Council Meeting - April 2009

The following were amongst items discussed at Parish Council meetings and information received by the Clerk. The full minutes may be found here.

1. Annual Parish Meeting - Wednesday 7th May 2009
Please make a note that the annual meeting for everyone in our community will start with coffee at 7pm on 7th May at Girton Glebe School. Andrew Lansley MP CBE has agreed to attend to speak on the extension of the A14 and the extra noise and pollution problems this will bring to the community. Further details will appear on the Parish Notice Boards, and in next month's magazine.

2. Wellbrook Way News
The Council was very pleased to be consulted on the planning application for the play area, community land and building for Wellbrook Way in March. We enthusiastically approve the development of this area.

Wellbrook Way home owners may wish to consider forming a Residents' Association to identify outstanding issues, and to take these forward with Wimpeys as the Council is powerless to act until the open space is developed, and public amenities are adopted by SCDC.

3. NIAB & NW Cambridge Developments
As mentioned in Councillor de Lacey's report we have been told that SCDC have approved an increase in the size for the NIAB and NW Cambridge sites. The Council will be making representations.

4. Open Spaces - Town End Close & Smithy Green
Following the recent hedging, fencing and grass cutting Town End Close (off Woody Green) is looking much better. Funding approval has now been given to providing a water supply to permit cattle grazing as required by our management agreement with Natural England.

Smithy Green (opposite the entrance to the recreation ground) is also looking very pretty surrounded by daffodils at the time of writing. It will be further improved by levelling and grass seeding which should occur this spring.

5. Grass verges & obstructions of the highway
Girton Parish Council has agreed to take over the grass cutting contract for our roadside verges from the County Council, and to increase the number of cuts from 4 to 8 during the growing season, starting this March. This should greatly improve the appearance of the village. Could householders who have placed obstructions on the verges to prevent car parking please remove them. In the event of accidents you may be liable for damages, and may find that your insurance policies do not cover you.

6. Feast Week & Spring Walk
As part of its work to encourage community events, the Parish Council is sponsoring Girton's Feast Week this July. Councillors Chris Starling and Len Sparling are working very hard with others to make this as memorable as those in previous years. In addition Councillor Sam Clift is arranging a Spring Walk on Monday 27th April. Details can be found in the advertisement in this magazine.

7. Parish Pavilion
The Pavilion on the Recreation Ground is gradually being improved with the floor in the hall having been resurfaced, and installation of new storage cupboards and smoke alarms planned just after Easter. A new notice board near the entrance is another recent change to publicise decisions made by the Council and its Committees on behalf of the community.

8. Parish Planters
We are looking for sponsors to ensure the Planters are kept cheerful throughout the year. Sponsors have come forward for three of our twelve. If you would like to add to their number, and have your generosity acknowledged on the planter, replanting costs are 25 for each per season of the year. Volunteers to water and weed are welcome!

9. Return of Parish Chairman
Douglas de Lacey, our Parish Council Chairman, has now returned to the village after enjoying the sunshine of Australia. On his return his deputy, Councillor Sam Clift, promptly took a well deserved break and is rumoured to be seeking a twin community in the Grand Canyon!

Forthcoming Meeting. The next Parish Council meeting will be held on Wednesday Wednesday 29th April 2009 (please note the change from our normal schedule) at St Vincent's Close Community Centre. The meeting will begin at 7.30pm. Members of the parish are welcome to attend.