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Notes of Parish Meetings

Notes from the Parish Council Meeting - May 2009

The following were amongst items discussed at Parish Council meetings and information received by the Clerk. The full minutes may be found here.

1. Annual Parish Meeting: Wednesday 7th May 2009, Girton Glebe School This is for everyone in the village. It will start with light refreshments at 7pm. Andrew Lansley CBE, our MP, will speak at 7.30pm on the noise and pollution issues of the widening of the A14 through Girton and answer questions.

This is your opportunity to raise any concerns you have about the village; from crime to grass cutting, from new developments in and around Girton to sports facilities or dog walking.

2. Girton Corner. We were informed last year that the speed limit on Huntingdon Road was to be reduced to 30mph; however, objections have been lodged to this and a final decision will be taken at the Traffic Management Area Joint Committee meeting on 20 April. The Chairman has requested to be allowed to speak. Meanwhile we are still negotiating with Highways over the location of a new bus shelter at Girton Corner.

3. Consultation on Clay Pits in Girton. Cambridgeshire County Council and Peterborough City Council have received over 1500 responses to their mineral and waste development proposals. These include three new clay pits in Girton to provide materials for the widening of the A14. Girton Parish Council has already made representations on the grounds that noise and dust will affect residents in the High Street area. The deadline for comments on the current consultation is 12th May 2009. Information about these pits can be viewed online at or at Shire Hall, and is available by post by telephoning Susan Marsh on 01733 863851 and asking for SSI sites 68, 69 & 70.

4. Help for victims of domestic abuse. South Cambridgeshire District Council has produced an excellent booklet Helping those affected by domestic abuse. It provides a very useful directory of organisations which can offer help. Advice and counselling are available on drugs and alcohol misuse, disabilities, money problems, support for families, sexual problems, emergencies and legal services. Copies are available by emailing or telephoning 01954 713367.

5. Cambridgeshire County Council's Contact Centre. Each of the Centre's 0845 numbers now has a new number beginning with 0345. The rest of the number is unchanged ({\it e.g.} 'General Enquiries' changes from 0845 045 5200 to 0345 045 5200). The 03 numbers have been introduced by Ofcom as an alternative to 08 numbers due to concerns by the public relating to call charges: 03 will be charged as a local call.

6. Play Equipment Inspections. The Parish Council has recently arranged an independent inspection of its play areas at the Recreation Ground and Weavers Field by RoSPA. We also carry out annual inspections but need to be aware of problems before they become serious. Reliable volunteers are needed to inform the Parish Office as soon as any problems arise. Training will be made available to those who would like to help. Please ring Linda Miller on 472182 if interested.

7. Fly Tipping. Following a spate of fly tipping at the recycling centre we shall be keeping the green Eurobin (which is only for waste from the pavilion) locked. Please report any fly tipping you observe; it is distressing how many people still bring plastics and, on finding the receptacles gone, simply dump their bottles rather than taking them home again. Successful prosecutions have been brought by SCDC against fly-tippers at Girton.

8. Wildlife Training Workshops. The Wildlife Trust has arranged a number of training workshops in the area for those who would like to develop their natural history skills and enjoy our local nature reserves. Details can be obtained from or by telephoning 01604 405285.

Forthcoming Meetings. The Annual Parish Meeting is on 7 May, 7 for 7.30pm in the Glebe School. The Parish Council's Annual General Meeting is on Wednesday 20th May 2009 at St Vincent's Close Community Centre. The meeting will begin at 7.30pm. Residents of the Parish are welcome to attend and address the Council.