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Notes of Parish Meetings

Notes from the Parish Council Meeting - August 2009

The following were amongst items discussed at Parish Council meetings and information received by the Clerk. The full minutes may be found here.

1. Welcome to a new Councillor. The Chairman welcomed Mr Brian Bromwich to the Council: he has been co-opted to replace Robin Hodgkinson who had to resign for personal reasons. The Council is very grateful to Robin for all he has done for the Village, and looks forward to working with Brian.

2. Feast Week. At the Council meeting of 15th July warm thanks were expressed to Councillors Chris Starling and Len Sparling for the immense hard work they had put into making the Feast the success it was. We hope that a Feast will now become a regular feature of our Village life. This will require an army of volunteers, so please contact the Clerk if you would be prepared to help.

3. Twenty's Plenty?. The S Cambridgeshire Joint Transport Committee has decided to try an experiment with 20mph speed limits, and Girton is one of the sites suggested. There will therefore be consultation as to whether the bulk of the Village should be subjected to a 20mph limit. Unfortunately the budget is inadequate to provide any supporting infrastructure or monitoring if the experiment goes ahead. The Parish Council welcomes your views on this idea.

4. Huntingdon Road. Also at the Transport Committee the Parish Chairman was distressed to see a much reduced plan for the cycle lanes on Huntingdon Road: not the 2m width recommended by the Committee at its last meeting but a mere 1.7m. It is also now suggested that they should become advisory rather than mandatory. This will also go out to consultation, and again the Parish Council wishes to know your views.

5. Gypsy & Traveller Development Plan. The consultation mentioned last month is now well under way, and can be viewed at where you can enter your views. Please also send them to the Parish Council. The Council will agree its response at the meeting on 16 September.

6. Hedges & trees. Several overgrown hedges have been reported to the Parish Council: please check that yours does not overhang the footpath. We are delighted that the County Council has arranged to remove all the overhanging branches from Dovehouse Close, which is now much easier to negotiate.

7. Fly tipping. There have been two further instances of fly tipping in the village, and in both of these SCDC is issuing fixed penalty notices.

8. Planters. The planters through the village have now all been planted for the autumn and we shall be looking for neighbours to take on the responsibility of ensuring they are waited and cared for. Again we wish to express our gratitude to all the sponsors who have made this possible.

9. Town End Close. By the time the News is delivered to you our plans to provide water so that cattle may graze in Town End Close should be well under way. The University Farm will provide a few docile cattle to ensure that the meadow nature of the Close is preserved.

Next meetings. There will be an extraordinary meeting of the Parish Council, simply to approve payments, at 7.30pm on 19 August. The next full Parish Council meeting will be at 7.30pm on 16 September.