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Notes of Parish Meetings

Notes from the Parish Council Meeting - January 2010

The following were amongst items discussed at Parish Council meetings and information received by the Clerk. The full minutes may be found here.

1. Surveying again Our doughty Parish surveyors, Councillors Bromwich and de Lacey (see October's issue), have been out again, this time looking at the two balancing lagoons on the Wellbrook Way estate and the drainage between them and the main award drains. As a result they have composed a report for Wimpey requesting some modifications in the structures before the Parish Council adopts the site. These would ensure better drainage of the lagoons and reduce the risks of flooding and of standing water in the lagoons.

2. Wellbrook Way developments Over the coming months there are likely to be a number of different contractors working on the Wellbrook Way estate. Durman Stearn will be finishing the roads, the open space next to the pumping station will be developed with a children's play area, a bowling green and car parking, and the other building sites should also be commenced soon. Please may we ask your indulgence over any disruption; and if there are any problems of noise or mess with any of these contractors please report them to the Parish Clerk or Chairman and we shall try to resolve them quickly. If emailing please try to give full details including time and location.

3. NIAB development The Joint Development Control Committee was due to assess the planning application for 1583 dwellings on the NIAB 1 site (south of the District/City boundary) at its meeting of 3 December, but we have been informed that the developer has not been able to submit in time. The plans should be ready in Spring 2010.

4. A14 Upgrade Girton Parish Council is just about to submit its response to the Environmental Statement and Draft Orders for the A14. We hope we have taken into consideration all views expressed to us, and shall be objecting on several grounds, mainly noise and pollution. Villagers are encouraged also to send in submissions but be quick -- the deadline is 6 January. Email: or write to: Highways Agency, Woodland, Manton Lane, Bedford MK41 7LW.

5. A14 repairs near Huntingdon Overnight works lasting seven weeks are due to commence in January 2010 on bridge joints between junctions 23 and 24. The A14 will be closed in one direction at a time whilst these are completed. At the same time repair works to the A14 will be carried out at Alconbury, Fen Drayton and Fenstanton. Diversions may be required at night. During daylight hours a 50mph speed limit will need to be in place on the approaches to work sites.

6. Fly tipping at the Recreation Ground A Fixed Penalty Notice and fine were recently issued to someone who dumped rubbish by the recycling centre. Apart from being unsightly such rubbish can be dangerous, and the Clerk and Chairman dislike the task of having to clear it away. SCDC have a policy of prosecuting fly tippers whenever possible.

7. Bird & Bat Boxes As part of the management plans for Town End Close we are planning to install a number of tree sparrow boxes, and would like to place bird and bat boxes elsewhere in the Village. If you would like to be involved in design, construction or positioning of boxes, do please contact the Clerk.

8. Be a Village Voice SCDC is looking for Council Tenants to become co-ordinators for all the tenants in the Village. There are already representatives for Orchard Close and St Vincent's Close: if you would like to take on the task of representing other tenants please contact the Clerk or the Chairman. This is all the more important as SCDC discusses the future of Council housing management.

9. Bus Timetables With the announcement of the opening of the Guided Busway in late November, Stagecoach announced a number of changes to other services including the Citi 6. They have now confirmed that none of these timetable changes will come into effect until the Guided Buses are actually running. At the time of writing there is still no proposed date for this to happen.

10. Smithy Green The Village has long suffered inconsiderate parking on Smithy Green, and the Council has decided to install wooden posts around the edge to prevent this. They should be in position by mid-February.

11. Girton Corner Bus Stop For a very long time the Council has been trying to provide a bus shelter and seat at Girton Corner, but this needs the permission of the County Council and we have to avoid all the services underneath the pavement. We believe that all the problems have now been overcome, and a new shelter should be in place early in the New Year.

12. Forthcoming Meeting The next Parish Council meeting will be held on Wednesday 20th January 2010 at St Vincent's Close Community Centre. The meeting will begin at 7.30pm. Members of the parish are welcome to speak during the public session.