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Notes of Parish Meetings

Notes from the Parish Council Meeting - March 2010

The following were amongst items discussed at Parish Council meetings and information received by the Clerk. The full minutes may be found here.

Your Parish Council
The whole Parish Council is up for election in May. Please consider whether you could help your village by standing as a Councillor. If you are at all interested in the possibility the Chairman will be delighted to discuss with you what it entails. Email him or call him on 565219. The Clerk already has application forms, which must be returned to SCDC by noon on 8 April. Phone 472181 to get one.

The new Council will have many big problems to face. It will be able to do so with more confidence if there is a good turn-out at the poll. Unfortunately the situation is complicated by the General Election. If the government goes to the polls on 6th May the Parish election will probably be postponed to the end of the month. It will be even more important that you bother to vote in this second poll.

The District and County Councils, with Cambridgeshire Horizons, have submitted a bid to the Department of Communities and Local Government (CLG) for additional resources (some £350K) to progress the development of Northstowe as an eco town. It is worrying that authorities seem to think that comparatively little modification will be needed for this.

North West Cambridge Development
The Parish Council was given a presentation about this proposed major development at its February meeting. Councillors raised a number of concerns including drainage and local traffic. Details of the project are being made available by Cambridge University on: and there is provision on this website for your comments. If you have any concerns about how this will affect Girton please let us know. We have been advised there will be another consultation on the development in April, and the Council expects to have more meetings with the Development Team.

NIAB Development
Work has started on the section of the NIAB site inside the Cambridge City boundary. There have been problems with mud on the Huntingdon Road. We are working with officers in the City Council to ensure that lorry wheels are washed on site. If you have any concerns please contact the Parish Office.

Wellbrook Way
Despite further delays, all appears on course now for the completion of the children's play area by the end of March, and the hand-over to the Parish of the Public Open Space. This will allow us to begin construction of the bowling green.

The roads appear to be being constructed to a very high standard, but the spine road will not be finished until the Abbeyfield Close Care Flats are constructed. However, Wimpey have agreed to look at improving its surface which has deteriorated badly over the winter.

A14 Borrow pits
Councillors are closely monitoring how the three proposed borrow pits might affect our community during and after clay is extracted for the A14 works. Representations may be made on the consultation up to 29th March. The nearest pit to the majority of village residents will be at Grange Farm near Gretton Court. Further details are available from the Parish Office, or by telephoning Mrs Ann Barnes, the Principal Planning Officer, on Cambridge 715526.

Potholes in Girton
By the time you read this the parallel row of potholes between the school and Redgate Road should have been resolved by resurfacing the road. Contact with Highways Department of Cambridgeshire CC indicates that they are struggling to keep up with refilling pot holes. Sometimes the only answer is a more major operation. If you are worried about potholes in your street please telephone the Highways contact centre on 03450 455 212.

Pepys Way
Residents may have noticed a major exercise by Cambridgeshire County Council to resurface the pavement leading to the doctor's surgery, and replace kerbstones. This has caused local traffic problems and cut up the verges which may take some time to recover.

An ongoing problem relates to the verges on either side of the surgery which suffer badly from people parking and turning their cars at this point. The matter has been referred to Cambridgeshire CC to seek a solution which permits access but deters cars driving on the verges.

Footpath 13 between Thornton Close and Whitehouse Lane
The Council has approved works to open up this footpath at the Thornton Close end by removing scrubby trees and ivy, and invited the contractor to lay chippings on the path to help make it less slippery.

The date of the next Council meeting is 17th March at 7.30pm in St Vincents Close Community Centre.

And finally ...
Please reserve the evening of 1 June {\bf now} in your diary. This will be the date of the Annual Parish Meeting; your opportunity to tell the new Parish Council how it can best serve you in the coming year, Please make it a priority.

A note from the Parish Chairman
Among its other duties, the Parish Council appoints trustees to several village institutions including the Town Charity, the Village Institute and the Cotton Hall. If you are interested in serving as a Trustee please let the Parish Clerk know so that you can be contacted when vacancies arise.