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Notes of Parish Meetings

Notes from the Parish Council Meeting - June 2010

The following were amongst items discussed at Parish Council meetings and information received by the Clerk. The full minutes may be found here.

At its meeting on 21 April the Council acknowledged with gratitude a £5000 grant from Girton Town Charity for fencing round St John's Field, and the offer of a sculpture by local artist Tony Hillier of Histon.

The Council also reappointed Councillors Hiley and Gordon as Parish Council Trustees of the Girton Town Charity.

Other items approved by the Council include expenditure for the infrastructure of the public open space at Wellbrook Way.

The Council meeting of 10 May was the final meeting before the elections: the Chairman thanked Councillors for all their work over the past four years, particularly those not standing for re-election. At the start of the meeting the Council stood as a mark of respect for Cllr Bullman who died on 15 May.

The Council acknowledged with gratitude a legacy from Mr Robert George Edwards towards the maintenance of three benches in the village in memory of Irene. These benches are situated at the Thornton shops, the Allotments, and Smithy Green.

Dog Control Orders The Council received draft Dog Control Orders prepared by a working group under the chairmanship of Cllr Wilson. The Chairman thanked Cllr Wilson for the great amount of work which had been put into the drafting of the Orders, which will now go to the Village for consultation and to the new Council for approval.

Smithy Green Following approval by the Environment Committee, Smithy Green has been planted with a variegated border. Much of the spade-work was done by Cllr Gordon as a final contribution before standing down as a Councillor, and Chairman of the Environment Committee.

The Recreation Ground As promised last month the new Cone Climber has been installed for the enjoyment of younger visitors to the Recreation Ground. It has been an instant success.

The A14 A Public Inquiry into the draft plans for the expansion of the A14 will open in July. A pre-meeting is to be held on 24 May and the Clerk and Chairman will both attend. The Chairman has also written to our MP expressing concern over the inadequate protection offered to Girton in the current draft, and asking him to urge on the Chief Secretary to the Treasury that if the plans are to go ahead Girton's needs must be kept in view. We shall also be making a submission to the Inquiry.

The Future Jobs Fund is a Government initiative to provide six-month placements for young people who are seeking employment. We are fortunate to have put in two successful bids. Nicola & Joe are already proving their worth. The recreation ground, pump garden opposite Cockerton Road, the Hibbert Ware Garden, and the open space at Mayfield Triangle, are all looking better thanks to our trainee groundsman's efforts. Nicola is helping in the parish office by reviewing our 1958 byelaws, and health & safety policy, investigating placing our playing fields under the “Fields in Trust” to safeguard their future, and exploring fund raising for new facilities.

Parish Council Election of 27th May 2010 The election results for the new Council may be found here. The Chairman remains in office until the first meeting of the new Council and will continue to respond to queries and concerns. Owing to Government regulations the first meeting of the new Council will be on the second Wednesday of June: June 9th and as usual all residents are welcome to attend.

Thanks The Chairman would like to thank all those residents who have supported and helped the Parish Council over the past four years. It has been a privilege and a pleasure to serve you.

Forthcoming meetings The inaugural meeting of the new Parish Council (the Annual General Meeting) will be on 9 June at 7.30pm in St Vincents Close Community Centre. All are welcome.