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Notes of Parish Meetings

Notes from the Parish Council Meeting - December 2010

The following were amongst items discussed at Parish Council meetings and information received by the Clerk. The full minutes may be found here.

More change at the Council
After many years distinguished service, Cllr Michael Wilson has tendered his resignation from the Parish Council. Michael has achieved a great deal during his time; in his eight years he has served a term as Parish Chairman and also chaired the Sport and Recreation Committee since 2005, during which period he ushered in many new developments for the village. It will be impossible simply to replace him, and we wish to thank him for sincerely for all his hard work and all his achievements. This means that once again there is a vacancy on the Council. The process is that first the Village will be asked if it wants a formal election; if not the Council will co-opt the new member. In the interim, do please consider whether you would be prepared to serve the Village in this way. The Chairman is always available to discuss what is involved in being a Parish Councillor.

Disability Audit
At its recent meeting the Sport and Recreation Committee considered an audit of the Pavilion facilities for our disabled users. A number of recommendations were made in the report, and the Committee is now costing these.

Wellbrook Way
At its meeting on 17 November the Council confirmed the establishment of a working-group consisting of Councillors and members of the Bowls Club to establish the future running of the Bowling Green. This group will oversee the planning stages and set up the arrangements under which the Club will run the Green when built. Meanwhile we are still in negotiation with Taylor-Wimpey over the transfer of the land to the Parish.

Police Report
The Police Report presented to the Council on 17th November included a worrying number of forced entries to both cars and homes. In some cases tools from open garden sheds were used; please do ensure that all tools are well secured. We were assured that, as a result, police patrols in the village will be increased. The Council also requested more information about police response to reported crimes and resulting action.

Bus Shelter
It was reported to the Council that the bus shelter at Thornton corner is in poor repair and should be replaced as soon as possible: the Council will liaise with the Highway Authority to agree a suitable course of action.

Hibbert-Ware and Smithy Green
As we move into the dark winter months, it is good to see our public spaces are still looking neat, though parts of the Hibbert-Ware Garden are becoming quite overgrown. The Environment Committee has asked Mr George Thorpe to produce a proposal for the re-development of the garden, to incorporate both Smithy Green and the messy area by the path alongside 23A Cambridge Road and the School. The hedge planted along Smithy Green has established itself very well, thanks in no small part to sterling work by Mr Ray Gordon and friends who kept it regularly watered through the exceptional dry spell, and to Mrs Margaret Morrison who provided the water. We are extremely grateful.

Football Pitches
We are delighted to welcome Histon Football Club who are using the 10-Acre Field for their training.

Girton Town Charity
We omitted to mention last month that it was Girton Town Charity who paid the £6000 for the cost of removing the old hedge, erecting the new fence and gates and planting of the new hedge at St John's Field. The Parish Council is extremely grateful for this generosity.

Police Surgery
PCSO Bujar Mani and PC Claire Reeves will be available to do a police surgery on Wednesday 15th December at 10am to 12pm at the recreation ground. If you have any questions this is the time to raise them.

Forthcoming Meetings
The next meetings of the Parish Council will take place on 15 December and 19 January starting at 7.30pm at St Vincent's Close Community Centre. Residents are always welcome and may speak to the Council about any issue during the public session at the start of the meeting.