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Notes of Parish Meetings

Notes from the Parish Council Meeting - April 2011

The following were amongst items discussed at Parish Council meetings and information received by the Clerk. The full minutes may be found here.

The Council was informed recently by SCDC that all the recycling containers except the paper skip were to be removed from the Recreation Ground as all the materials are now collected at the kerbside. Since the paper skip provides no value to the Parish, and paper is also collected at the kerbside, the Council decided to request the removal of this as well. The removal of these admittedly unsightly containers will enable us to make the entrance to our recreation ground much more attractive.

The Council has recently changed the contract for cleaning the Pavilion, and has now agreed that at the start of the new contract there should be a one-off deep clean of the whole structure. After this it should be possible to keep the pavilion cleaner than it has been in the past.

Recycling on the Recreation Ground
As noted above, all the recycling containers are due to be removed from the Recreation Ground. Please do not bring any materials to be recycled, but place them in your own blue bin.

Pavilion rating
It was recently drawn to our attention that the Pavilion building has never been assessed for a Non-Domestic National Rate. However, a Rating Officer has now inspected the building and will shortly be putting in a report. It is possible that because of the usage of the Pavilion we may be exempt, but it is more likely that the Council will have o pay rates on the building, which unfortunately will necessarily be reflected eventually in higher user fees.

Bus schedules
The Council has been informed that bus services are changing as from 17 April 2011. The website gives details of the new timetables. Please note that services 4 and 5 which serve Girton will run about 5 minutes {\bf earlier} -- which may inconvenience many users -- and the last bus of the day on each route is cancelled.

Council land at Wellbrook Way
SCDC owns a plot at the top end of Wellbrook Way which is is proposing to sell off for development. The Parish Council is objecting on the grounds that there is already inadequate recreational space available at Wellbrook Way, and is not trying to obtain at least part of this land to add to public recreational space. Meanwhile negotiations for the transfer of the main public space await the fulfilment of Taylor-Wimpey's offer of a meeting between the Chairman of the Parish Council and top Wimpey officials.

Village Planters
Our thanks to those who have offered to sponsor planters, which will be re-planted very shortly. It is not too late to offer to sponsor one at a cost of £25 per planting, or to adopt one to look after. Please contact the Clerk.

Spring tidying
The Parish Council has been informed that the field owned by St John's College between the Crown and the George is being given a spring-clean. The tenants will reduce the hedge by about one-third and remove self-sown trees. The Girton Village Institute is also removing self-sown trees on its property. The Parish Council itself has reduced the hedge on the southern edge of the Ten Acre Field which was becoming badly overgrown.

Mud on the Roads
With a number of developments happening in Girton at present, there have been several reports of mud on the roads. The Chairman has met the site managers of several of these developments and obtained agreements that at the worse the mud will be cleared at the end of each working day, if not more frequently. If you experience an unacceptable case of mud being left on your road please contact the Clerk with full details.

Forthcoming Meetings
The next meetings of the Parish Council will be on Wednesday 20 April 2011 and Wednesday 18 May, starting at 7.30pm at St Vincent's Close Community Centre. Members of the public are welcome to attend all Parish Council meetings and to speak in the open session at the start.

The Annual Parish Meeting will be held on Tuesday 10 May at 7.30 in the School. Please put this date in your diary now.