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Notes of Parish Meetings

Notes from the Parish Council Meeting - June 2011

The following were amongst items discussed at Parish Council meetings and information received by the Clerk. The full minutes may be found here.

May Council Meeting
At the Annual General Meeting of the Council, held on Wednesday 18 May, Cllr Douglas de Lacey was elected as Chairman and Cllr. Gillian Cockley as Vice-Chairman for the year 2011 - 2012. The following committees were established:
Planning Applications Committee (Chairman: Cllr Mark Taylor)
Planning & Resources Committee (Chairman Cllr Joanne Garner)
Sport & recreation Committee (Chairman Cllr Suzan Ziobro)
Environment and Open Spaces Committee (Chairman Cllr Ray Gordon, Vice-Chairman Cllr Sam Clift)
Finance Committee (Chairman Robin Hiley)

Council Land at Wellbrook Way
The Council has agreed to approach SCDC with a request to negotiate the purchase of the SCDC land next to the Wellbrook Public Open Space, for use by the Parish as recreational land. The Council is now seeking the financial backing necessary for this. If you would like to write in to support the Council's efforts the portfolio holder is Cllr Mark Howell, or you can write to him at South Cambs Hall Cambourne CB23 6EA.

Village Planters
By the time you read this the re-planting should be complete, and we are grateful to all those who have sponsored them, and to parishioners who have written in to express their pleasure in them. It will not be very long before we shall need to think about a winter planting, so if you are interested in sponsoring another one please let the Clerk know. It has been suggested that one of the Village organisations may like to take over the administration of this scheme, and we would welcome expressions of interest.

News from the Recreation Ground
Now that the football season is over, cricket has once again become the sport of choice. The ground is extremely dry, but our groundsman, Chris Wilson is taking every care to provide the Cricket Club with the best possible wicket. Rain would be welcomed by at least one of our residents! During this dry period the riding of bicycles across the Recreation Ground is not such a problem as it is during the Winter, but the Parish Council's by-laws do forbid the riding of bicycles on the Ground and you are all asked to abide by this. New notices, drawing people's attention to the by-laws, are on order.

Annual Parish Meeting
The Parish Meeting took place on Tuesday, 10 May, at Girton Glebe School. It was rather disappointing that the number of residents present was so low. This meeting is specifically for you to hold your elected representatives to account, to ask questions and to voice your concerns. Please support your village and come to next year's meeting which will be advertised in the Girton Parish News and also on the Parish Council's notice boards and website.

Bus shelter
The Council has received several letters expressing thanks for the new shelter at Thornton Road. Some members of the public have noticed that the seat in the shelter is not like the one at Girton Corner. This is an error by the manufacturers and we have asked them to rectify it.

Forthcoming Meetings
The next meetings of the Parish Council will be on Wednesday 15 June and 20 July 2011, starting at 7.30pm at St Vincent's Close Community Centre. Members of the public are welcome to attend all Parish Council meetings and to speak in the open session at the start. At the June meeting we expect to begin with a presentation on the current state of plans for the North-West Cambridge development,