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Notes of Parish Meetings

Notes from the Parish Council Meeting - February 2012

The following were amongst items discussed at Parish Council meetings and information received by the Clerk. The full minutes may be found here.

January Council Meeting. Following expressions of concern from residents, we would like to consult on three possible road developments. Cars badly parked near the Co-Op frequently impede visibility for residents of Weavers Field, and cyclists feel intimidated at the accesses to Huntingdon Road. We are therefore considering the possibility of yellow-lining the Weavers Field corners, extending the cycle lane at Girton Corner and adding an advisory cycle lane at the Thornton Road exit. As soon as we have the plans drawn we shall circulate them to neighbours and post them on Parish noticeboards: if you would like copies please contact the Clerk. We would be grateful to receive all comments to help us decide whether to proceed.

Following the success of the Parish Christmas tree the Council has agreed to sponsor a similar event in 2012 and asked Cllr Clift to organise it. We also plan to provide an external power source at the Pavilion for this and other events.

Several of the cupboard doors in the Pavilion hall have been damaged recently, and the Council agreed to replace them with heavy-duty doors which should wear better. We ask all users of the Pavilion to report any damage they see.

The Chairman reported to the Council that the Town Charity has agreed in principle to help the Council purchase from SCDC a parcel of land adjacent to the area where the Bowling Green will be constructed, and that SCDC has accepted our offer. Details have still to be confirmed but this should significantly increase our ability to provide quality recreational space for the Village.

Wellbrook Way. Since taking over the public spaces at Wellbrook Way we have been busy organising the next steps. The Chairman and Ray Gordon (Chairman of the Environment Committee) had an extensive site meeting with the Ecological and Landscape Officers of SCDC assessing the replanting needed to complete the original plans for the estate. The Officers will now draw up a programme for the Parish Council, and we have suggested a number of changes to the original plans which will be incorporated in this. The Council has established a committee to oversee the development of the public land (apart from the Bowling Green which is already being implemented by another committee), and we hope that the Residents' Association will also be involved and help to prevent the new planting suffering the same fate as the originals. The Bowling Green committee has met but too late for a report here; however this development should now go forward speedily. The Abbeyfield developers' car park has been moved from our land onto the site behind Wellbrook Court and this means that that area has been greatly tidied up. We are delighted that the entrance road surface has also been much improved.

Owing to a misunderstanding, the boundary between the open strip along the NE edge of Wellbrook Way and the new Abbeyfield development is much closer to the Abbeyfield building than was anticipated. Abbeyfield has requested the Council to consider selling to it a narrow sliver of land and has offered help with the planting of the rest of the open space. The Chairman has had preliminary discussions with Abbeyfield executives and our own lawyer and hopes to be able to report to the next Parish Council meeting.

We mentioned last month that we had just discovered that copies of the Village Plan had not been delivered to homes in Wellbrook Way. The Chairman has tried, and failed, to find funding to print enough extra copies to enable each home to have a copy. However the full Plan is now available on the Parish Website at and those residents of Wellbrook Way who would like a printed copy are requested to contact the Parish Office; we shall do our best to provide you with one. At the same time may we ask anyone who has a surplus copy please to donate it to the Parish Office for re-use.

The Village Plan. The next stage of the Village Plan is to implement its recommendations. The Chairman has already met the liaison officer from SCDC to start the ball rolling. As we mentioned last month, the success of this will depend on our ability to set up a working group, and if you could spare some time this would be a valuable way of helping your village. We have a small number of volunteers but still need more: we need you!

Next to Godliness?. The Chairman would like to express thanks, on behalf of all the Council and the Village, to the public-spirited couple who, over the Christmas period, noticed that the bus shelter by the church was getting very unsightly with litter, and returned to give it a thorough cleaning. The Council tries to keep our bus shelters tidy but help like this is enormously appreciated.

We were also notified over the Christmas period that wet leaves were making the bus stop opposite the Huntingdon Road garage slippery and dangerous. Two Councillors rolled up their sleeves, and with the aid of a member of the public cleared the leaves away. So much simpler than putting in a complaint to the Highways Authority and waiting till a budget could be allocated!

Spring Planters. If you are interested in sponsoring the Spring planting of the village planters, please contact the Clerk as soon as possible.

Forthcoming Meetings. The next Parish Council Meetings will be held on Wednesday 15th February and Wednesday 21st March, starting at 7.30 p.m. at St Vincent's Close Community Centre. Please check on the Parish Notice Boards for details of other Parish Council Committee Meetings. Members of the public are welcome to attend all Parish Council meetings and to speak at the open session at the start.