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Notes of Parish Meetings

Notes from the Parish Council Meeting - June 2012

The following were amongst items discussed at Parish Council meetings and information received by the Clerk. The full minutes may be found here.

Council Meeting
Since the May copy of Girton Parish News the Council has met twice. There was an extraordinary meeting on 1 May when the Council approved a response to the planning applications for Northstowe and North-West Cambridge. This is something of a formality and the Council expects to be consulted again when details are ready to be finalised. The May meeting was the Annual General Meeting of the Council and largely taken up with administrative items. At the start of the meeting the Council stood for a moment's silence in memory of former Councillors Bill Parnwell and Noel Knights. Cllr de Lacey was elected Chairman for the year, and Cllr Cockley was appointed Vice-Chairman. The Council agreed to a plan to clear the woodland stream at Wellbrook Way of debris, and to install two picnic benches at the Recreation Ground. The Council had been asked to approve the removal of some trees at Weavers Field which are believed to be causing subsidence, but decided it needed more information before it could make a proper decision. There was a motion on the agenda to ask the Town Charity for help to repair the War Memorial, but the Chairman of the Charity stated that this did not appear to be possible since it is not a charitable cause. The Council agreed to seek other means of raising money for this purpose including a public subscription.

Parish Auditor
For many years Michael Woodisse has quietly and efficiently acted as our Internal Auditor but has now decided to stand down. The Parish Council wishes to express our gratitude for all the time he has put in to this important work. On behalf of the whole village we say "Thank you Michael". As a result we are now looking for a volunteer auditor: if you would like to serve your village in this way please contact the Clerk.

Girton War Memorial
As noted above, the War Memorial base is cracking and needs attention. The Parish Council has received a quotation of £1,763 to have the work done. Since the Memorial was erected by public subscription, the Council feels it appropriate to raise a subscription for this work, though we shall also be appealing to the War Memorial Trust for help. If you would like to support this appeal please make a cheque payable to Girton Parish Council but mark it `War Memorial appeal'.

Cricket Nets
Installation has begun on the new cricket nets, but has been held up by the weather. At the time of writing we cannot say how long it will be before work can recommence. We apologise to users of the car park for the gravel piles.

Play Equipment
We have just had our annual RoSPA inspection of all the Council's play equipment at the Recreation Ground and Weaver's Field, and our Groundsman and Safety Officer will correct the minor concerns raised. Taylor-Wimpey will shortly undertake a final inspection of the equipment in Wellbrook Way.

Forthcoming Meetings
The next meetings of the Parish Council will be on Wednesday 20th June and 18th July 2012, starting at 7.30pm at St Vincent's Close Community Centre. Members of the public are welcome to attend all Parish Council meetings and to speak in the open session at the start.