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Notes of Parish Meetings

Notes from the Parish Council Meeting - August 2012

The following were amongst items discussed at Parish Council meetings and information received by the Clerk. The full minutes may be found here.

Following a request from a resident, the Parish Council agreed to ask the Highway Authority to install dropped kerbs on Thornton Road at Huntingdon Road. The missing dropped kerb at the NIAB junction will be installed by the developer after an inspection by the Authority.

In the light of the flooding on 14 July Cllr Reynolds was questioned by Councillors on the County's plans. He was unable to provide any specific information except that there was no funding currently available, though the Portfolio Holder had visited the area..

The Parish Council agreed to express its dismay that the ruling group at SCDC has decided to appoint no representative of Girton to the joint committee which will decide all the issues of the NW Cambridge plans, and asked them to reconsider.

The University has let it be known that it intends to retain all the public spaces in NW Cambridge under its control, and the Parish Council has expressed its concern about the lack of consultation. We are grateful that a senior officer of SCDC attended the meeting to aid our discussion, and she has agreed to broker a meeting between us, the University and officers involved in negotiating the details of public space management.

South Cambs Local Plan Consultation
The South Cambs Local Plan consultation has begun, with a number of exhibitions in July and September; the nearest to us is at Histon and Impington Recreation Ground on 14th September (not 13th September as the notices initially said). A mini-questionnaire is being distributed but the full consultation is available in hard copy at the Parish Office and on-line at where all residents can respond in detail.

Woodlands Park
Following two abortive attempts, contractors have spent several days clearing all the drains along Woodlands Park. Quantities of tree roots were removed and a camera survey undertaken to ensure that the drains are now entirely clear. This work prevented the normal Tuesday waste collection, but the Refuse Supervisor came personally on Wednesday to ensure all bins were emptied.

Town End Close
Now the University Farm has moved its cattle away from Girton in preparation for the NW Cambridge development, it can no longer graze Town End Close for us. We are grateful for their help over the past few years. We are also very pleased that Brookfield Farm have agreed to take over this task and will also mow the Close for us.

Weavers Field
After more subsidence at Weavers Field, Taylor-Wimpey asked the Parish Council if they could remove trees which they believe are contributing to the problems. The Council will be discussing with them suitable replacements.

Wellbrook Way/Thornton Way
With money from the County, the District and Girton Town Charity, SCDC operatives have undertaken works to clear the 180m of ditch between the woodland at Wellbrook Way and Thornton Way. Two dead trees have been felled and removed, and the ditch cleared of a great deal of debris and also enlarged. The effect of this work was demonstrated in the 14th July flood, when the Thorntons area was unaffected. We hope that residents and walkers will alert us if ever rubbish is thrown into this important part of our flood defences.

Green areas
The weather has made maintenance of our green areas extraordinarily difficult: on our few fine days the contractors have had a huge backlog of work. The weather promises to improve, we are told, but in the meantime please bear with us if the verges or green areas are overgrown.

Litter Problems
The Chairman recently had to clear up a large amount of litter from around the Pavilion litter bin. It included a bag of dog poo and two disposable nappies. These items should not be placed in public bins: please may we ask residents to be more considerate.

Street Traders
Two different ice-cream vans have started turning up at the Recreation Ground. Such traders need a licence before trading in Girton: this enables us to ensure they are properly CRB checked, and to consult with residents on issues like frequency of visits. Please report to us if any other vans try to trade here.

A14 upgrade
As we write this the Department for Transport has issued a Press Release on the A14 upgrade, but details are still sketchy. Interviewed on Radio Cambridgeshire the Chairman repeated the Council's concerns about increased noise and other pollution.

Forthcoming Meetings
The next meetings of the Parish Council will be on Wednesday 15th August and Wednesday 19th September, starting at 7.30 p.m. at St Vincent's Close Community Centre. Members of the public are welcome to attend all Parish Council meetings and to speak in the open session at the start.